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dole whip strain

Dole whip strain

*Images note: the photos used in this piece are not of the individual strains themselves, as those are hard (if not impossible) to find.

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In short, THC will get you high, and CBD will make you feel better.
While some states may never see legal marijuana stores, barring some huge shift at the federal level, millions of Americans are now free to peruse retail cannabis shops. Though it’s only available in a few states as of right now, legal cannabis is available — as are the many derivatives, like concentrates and edibles (depending on where you live). It’s an exciting time, to be sure, but with cannabis having been blacklisted for so many years, many consumers aren’t sure what to look for or buy when the first walk into a store.
Golden Pineapple is a strain that clocks in at 29% THC. It’s a 50-50 Sativa/Indica hybrid, and a cross between Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush. How did it get its name, you ask? Users say it tastes like pineapple — and it has a distinguishable orange huge to its buds.
We worked with Wikileaf to develop the list and used their database to find the specific strains with the highest THC and CBD levels. The following strains are the strongest as far as our research could tell — you may have an uncle in Humboldt who’s growing something that’s stronger, for example, but we don’t know about it yet. That’s the thing about cannabis cultivation: There are a thousand new strains being developed right now, and the strongest strain today may not stack up next week.
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A special version of Mango Haze bred to contain above-average levels of CBD, CBD Mango Haze pretty much explains itself all with its name. It contains around 15% CBD, and a fairly low 3% THC. As you may have guessed, users say it smells and tastes like mango.

We took a look at the strongest marijuana strains out there — which have the most THC and CBD, that is — to compile this short list.