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dj short blueberry grow

Dj short blueberry grow

This variant is Indica-dominant with a huge load of THC. As such, getting stoned with this kicker is sure to be mentally euphoric. Just imagine getting the most easing massage while lounging in a paradisiacal expanse. Heavenly in every way, there’s no trouble to disrupt one’s moment of serenity.

With anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds, the hybrid is also an excellent painkiller. Those who have arthritis, PMS, and muscle spasms particularly value this cannabis. Functioning in the afternoons and evenings are without agony with it around.
Robust and resilient, this variety thrives well in almost all kinds of set up. Growing it in an optimal indoor setting, though, allows one to achieve maximum yield. Of fluffy foliage, growers may need some amount of skill and experience to handle this baby.

A powerful relaxant with an uplifting touch, Blueberry is the ultimate stress buster. It calms people struggling with the likes of stress, depression, and PTSD while also putting them in a blissful mental state. Additionally, the strain’s munchies effect helps those with unhealthy eating habits. It stimulates their appetite that causes intense hunger and stops nausea and vomiting too. Meanwhile, Insomniacs achieves the elusive sleep without counting sheep.
Not only for recreational toking, but medical users also hold Blueberry in high regard too. It has potent properties that aid sufferers of several psychological and physical conditions. Even better, compared to OTC drugs, this sweet weed only has negligible side effects if taken in the right dose.
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by Bonza · Published July 4, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020
Once the fume enters the mouth, users get to have a feast-for-the-senses kind of experience. More like a dessert than a weed, it’s blend of flavors is to die for. With just one toke, one gets to taste the sweetness of blueberry and other berries. The citrusy oomph of lemon and the sweetness of vanilla are also present. Then, just when the toker thinks the palate party has ended, a bit of spiciness will also tingle the tongue.

The herb may also bring about mild but irritating discomforts. The cottonmouth and dry, bloodshot eyes are the most common side effects of cannabis use. To dodge them, simply avoid having a smoke out while dehydrated.

One of the best-tasting strains around, DJ Short's Blueberry should be on top of the list of Indica lovers and those who want heavenly mind and body high.