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diy marijuana grow box

Diy marijuana grow box

On Craigslist I found a cabinet kit still in the box for only $35. It came in at 24″ L x 30″ W x 70″ H. Next, I purchased a 6″ inline fan for another $100. The fan combined with a 400 watt light and Cool Tube from a previous grow gave me something to design around.

Sirius: This is a great point! In any enclosed grow area such as a tent or grow cabinet, it’s important to have a larger opening for intake than for exhaust. This will maximize the efficiency of your fan in addition to keeping it working for longer. Plus, this will keep tents from “bowing” in, reducing your grow space.
“1st time grower. Plants are 1 month old, and 12″ tall now. Set up for less than $250. Used cab.w/4 bulb, 24″ T5’s, 4″ elec exhaust, Thanx for great info.”

Final Harvest Weight: 264 grams (9.3 Ounces)
When all was said and done I harvested 264 grams (9.3 ounces).
These pictures were sent in by one of our readers who has taken a far more simple/easy approach to making a grow cabinet than G.D. Bud. Here’s what he had to say about it:
The day I got a recommendation for medicinal Cannabis was a relief. This was followed by the knowledge and urgency that I needed to get some plants in the ground immediately.
This had been a long-time dream of mine, and I fondly imagined my first harvest, curing my flowers to perfection, and collecting their resin for concentrates. I saw myself carefully journaling their progress, and eventually becoming an expert caretaker of myself and my marijuana garden.

The first thing to deal with was the Intake and exhaust – a clean environment and fresh air for my plants.

See how one grower built his own stealthy grow cabinet (in pictures), then learn how to build your own!

Diy marijuana grow box

While a pre-made high-tech marijuana grow box will get you up and growing as quickly and painlessly as possible, they’re not always cheap. But that’s not the only reason why you might go the DIY route. If you’re someone who likes to grow your own, there’s a good chance you also like to build your own.

Read on for some more reasons you might prefer to build your own marijuana grow box. Or buy one instead.
(For more details on grow light types, see this recent guide.)

At the top of the range, for instance, you’ll find complete done-for-you turnkey solutions, high-tech cabinets and boxes where the growing is fully-automated. These are about as simple as marijuana growing gets. But although they’ll save you money in the long term, the upfront cost isn’t for everyone.
However, even a simpler, more affordable marijuana grow box can be an excellent way to just grow a personal supply in the limited space you have available.
That’s the question we’re going to look at today. But first let’s define what one is, for anyone new to the idea. But in the end it comes down to whether you are the DIY type, the how-do-it person and you are handy with tools.
Finally, if you build your own grow box (with or without your garden inside), MaryJane Farmer would love to get an electric missive from you with photos and maybe even plans. We will feature your grow box on 420Beginner and maybe even interview you on the electric box via Skype.

  • LED or fluorescent lights are ideal for confined spaces like a marijuana grow box, as they run cool, minimizing the need for additional cooling—which can also be noisy and increase your electricity bill.
  • Of the two, LEDs tend to work out cheaper long term as they’re very efficient and long lasting.
  • However, fluorescent lights can often be hung very close to your plants, so work well if you need your grow box to be short.
  • HID lights are excellent for growing cannabis, but create a lot of heat so aren’t ideal for grow boxes. You’ll have to replace bulbs every year or two too.

Before we start, here is our article reviewing grow boxes, so if you are the cut to the chase person, check it out now.

A marijuana grow box is a brilliant DIY way to grow in a small space. But should you buy or build your own? Easy to build? Maybe.