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diy bong case

Stoners get a bad rap. The stereotypical pothead is a lazy underachiever whose skills include eating an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting and curating reggae playlists, but this caricature neglects the bottomless creativity stoners apply to getting high.

“I thought back to the AP Chemistry course I took my junior year of high school,” Moore told me in an email about the genesis of the project. “We used machines to figure out the concentration of different substances with spectroscopy. It’s almost the same idea.”
Moore demoed his device for us.

Moore said that the hardest part of the project was getting the code correct. He said he started with some code that he had written for an engineering class he is taking at his local community college, but had to rewrite it so that it would work on an Arduino. After that it was just a matter of hooking up the sensors.
Moore’s device consists of an Arduino Uno—a small computer that is optimized for running repetitive tasks—that is connected to a light and a photoresistor, a small sensor that measures the strength of the light. The light and the photoresistor are placed opposite of one another on the bong stem so that when smoke passes between them the photoresistor will register a decrease in the amount of light received by the sensor. The way the strength of light varies over time corresponds to the thickness of the pot smoke and is plotted as a graph by the Arduino microcontroller.
Case in point is a DIY bong attachment that gathers data on how thick the smoke is from a bong hit. The device was made by Bradley Moore, an 18-year old pizza delivery guy and aspiring engineer, who recently posted the invention to r/stonerengineering, a subreddit dedicated to unconventional methods of cannabis consumption.
Moore told me that the entire set up cost him less than $200, most of which was the cost of the bong. The electronic components, including the Arduino microcontroller, only cost around $50. All the components are connected with a breadboard, which is used to prototype electronic circuits and lends an extremely DIY aesthetic to the project.
Image: Bradley Moore

“It worked like a charm the first time I tried it,” Moore said. Now that he has a working device, the next step is to generate some dank data. “I haven’t done any testing to see which cannabis makes the densest smoke yet, but I imagine different plants will make different smoke!”

Bradley Moore explains how he generates the dankest of data.

Diy bong case

Somebody put a lot of effort into the carvings of that great box, and you can display that in your own home. This is a lovely case to pair with an equally delicately made ceramic bong, and to double as decoration. It might not be the most secure for travel or for heavy-duty needs, but it sure is pretty, and sometimes that’s all you want in a bong case.

You have a fancy new water pipe, but you haven’t yet gotten an elegant new bong case to keep your baby safe. Like many other people of this day and age, the first place you look is online. However, there are so many different bong bags on Amazon, and you don’t know which one to pick!
Should you splurge on one of those beautiful aluminum bong cases with the little compartments? Do you go for the cheap bong bags that may or may not fall apart within the first few months? How should a bong case even function? It all depends on your lifestyle and the water pipe you have. Allow us to break down your options for you.

These absolutely glorious toolboxes might be the first to catch your eye, and nobody would be surprised that you did. Who can resist having a sophisticated, important-looking black box to see all your materials laid out inside, so cleanly and so neatly? With a case like this, there’s no fuss and no digging around for your tools. The downside, however, is that this kind of boxes are usually really heavy, and should probably just be kept in one place.
This delicate bong case isn’t for the faint of heart. This is not the type of case you would dump into a bag or hide underneath the couch. If you’re an enthusiastic collector of all things water pipe related and you’re proud of it, this case showcases that pride beautifully. Don’t worry. You can gravitate toward a case for purely aesthetic purposes.
If you’re a little rougher with your tools on the road, it’s best to get a heavily padded bong bag like this, paired with a plastic bong for sturdiness. You could get a smaller, purse-sized back to chuck in with the rest of your hiking gear, or if you like to consider every single one of your tools an “essential,” you can splurge on a full-sized bong backpack. This way, you can take your product out with you on a daring adventure, without worrying about anything breaking.
Even if they are mostly padded inside, it’s not something that you would feel safe dropping or shove against other things you might be carrying around with you. This case would be appropriate if you really just like to smoke up at home, or in your garage. You can keep it under a bed, in a closet, preferably in a low place where it’s easy to access, and it won’t be moved around. Nobody wants to keep lifting a heavy black box!
If some people like to smoke their favorite products at home, others like to literally go the extra mile and hike to a suitable smoking spot. If this is the case for you, you might want to find a Pelican bong bag or grab yourself one of those bong backpacks. These aren’t as classy and sleek as the aluminum cases, but they’re definitely a lot more dependable on a long trip.

Of course, there are lots more specific bong bags out there for you to try out. If you have a delicate bong, you might prefer a glass pillow bong bag. If you like to have a lot of tools, you might need a separate bong rig case. Whoever you are, whatever your water pipe, there is always a bong case out there for you.

There are so many different kinds of bong cases for different purposes, so how do you know which bong case is right for you? Read on to find out.