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dinafem seeds review

I recently smoked this variety from another grower and even though it is not my favorite variety about taste, she has a huge potential in good conditions
No pictures about the harvest unfortunatlly

Cup of coffee without the jitters.
Many things could have been done better but this was all new for me. I think I could of flip to flowering much earlier and trained the canopy to be even all round.

After the first branch was cut a huge hit of lemon scent covered my hands:astonished::grin::ok_hand:!
Flowering stage:
In the first weeks of flowering she grow very fast and she stretch a lot(double of her height of the last vegetative week).
She became tall with many strong branches full of flowers.
She start immediately grow big dense buds and if you wait a littel bit more then 80 days indicated,
Growing stage:
She grow big and healthy without too much precautions.
Beautifully balanced strain, in the vegetative stage she grow not too much tall and with a lot of internodes.
Very up high with zero anxiety. Works great anytime, but be careful in the evening you’ll give yourself insomnia.
Terps are strong Lemon and Cake now after curing. The cake was a big surprise.

Dinafem-Dinamed CBD Plus is great strain for me to start with. Handled well with the humidity issues and temperature problems that accrued in bloom cycle.

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