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destroyer strain

Destroyer strain

Flowring: 70-90 days

THC 21% CBD: not stated
It has a medium/high performance in outdoors being lower in indoors. This strain also works well applying SOG and SCROG techniques.

Genotype: Sativa
The total stabilization of the mother Thai has been practically impossible to do. Thus, and in order to complemente these features the introduction of another mother was demanded. This new mother was posteriorly adapted corresponding to a early and more productive Sativa. The result is a strain that meets the subtleties of the best predominantly Thai sativas in the world.
The small but numerous floral branches are covered with large amounts of trichomes full of THC, producing 92 trichomes per mm2, which makes it a possible Guiness record.
Destroyer produce floral aromas are and hints of of lavender.


Sale of Feminized Destroyer Marijuana, it has the Guinness record of trichomes production, mainly Sativa, great vigor and very potent.