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dell grass farms san antonio

Dell grass farms san antonio
It is too early to fertilize. Wait until real grass has been mowed twice.
To be ready for the hot weather when it arrives, call in your irrigation contractor to check out and repair your system. Make sure the rain sensor is working and all leaks are repaired. Have him/her instruct you how to change the watering amounts if necessary.
DON’T RAKE IT UP: Grass clippings naturally contain the proper mix of nutrients that your lawn needs, so leave them on your lawn.
Discontinue watering in the evening and let the lawn go a little dry in order to prevent brown patch fungus. If it appears anyway apply a treatment of a labeled soil fungicide.
Effective June 1, 2018. This price list supersedes all previous price lists.
There is still time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to reduce summer weeds from germinating. This is especially important if you were bothered by sandburs and/or crabgrass. Halt, Dimension, Crabgrass Preventer, Amaze and XL are good herbicides for the job. Note that a second application should be applied in mid-June.
You should only have to mow every few weeks to control winter weeds.
Milberger's Landscape Nursery offers the largest selection of turf grass & sod available in South Central Texas. We presently carry the nineteen varieties of sod, including the newest releases of turf grass that have been tested and judged reliable in our area.
Dell grass farms san antonio
As always, if you want to ensure a professional look for your backyard, while sitting back in the process, we highly recommend contacting two or three professional landscapers in your area to compare personalities, reviews, past work and quotes.
Everyone wants the best yard possible, but unlike a complicated electrical project or a dangerous roofing project, installing sod can be done as a DY project. It is by no means a fast or laid back project, but opting to not hire a pro can save you hundreds of dollars. Beware, you may need a few tools to help compact the grass, but most of the work can be done without any equipment.
Bitter Blue is one version of St. Augustine. It has thicker blades located closer together and a darker green color than other varieties.
Get free estimates from local Sod contractors.
Of course, installing sod is the most effective way to lay new grass or repair large patches of damaged grass. It gives anyone the instant lawn we are all so eager to enjoy. You don’t have to worry about weeds and as you can see above, you have plenty of options in terms of choice.
If you are looking for a very short grass, Seville or Jade is the way to go. Both are part of a dwarf variety that was developed for shorter stems and therefore, a finer texture with the smaller blades and St. Augustine decline resistance. It is not cold hardy.
If you really prefer sod to grass and live in a colder climate, go for Delmar. It works best in cold environments or in the shade.
Low Cost Per Square Foot
Floratine gets its name from the fact that researchers in Florida developed the strand after an insect infestation swept across the state. It has a thicker texture and can withstand several different types of bugs.
The average cost of St. Augustine sod ranges between $0.30/sf & $0.67/sf. However, it largely depends on the type. See how you can reduce your price.