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dark horse genetics bruce banner

Dark horse genetics bruce banner

At a full 22% THC, there’s no stopping this Sativa-dominant Strawberry Diesel hybrid. Yields are slightly above average, but the crystal content is off the charts!

A two-way lemon cross, Lemon Head Seeds will instantly pucker your mouth with just as much flavour intensity as the bright-yellow candy they were named for. Are you up for the Lemon Head challenge?
Dark Horse Genetics isn’t well known in the commercial marijuana seed trade yet, but they have made a big name for themselves throughout the Colorado cannabis scene. They first bred Bruce Banner from an Original OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel cross way back in 2006. It was an underground secret for a few years, then the Dark Horse Genetics founder opened his Delta 9 dispensary in 2008 & used Bruce Banner as the house strain. As soon as word spread about the potency of this herb, lines started to form around the block and people begged to be put on call-back lists when the jars ran empty.

Backed by the original breeder, Original Gorilla Glue #4 S1 Seeds are the genetic duplicate of the infamous Colorado Cut that/s been so elusive up until now. Get yours while you can!
With Dark Horse Genetics, not only will you get authentic Original Bruce Banner genetics, but these bad boys & girls got their hands on the real Gorilla Glue, too! Pure Dark Horse GG isn’t ready for release just yet, but they are creating new blends using both Gorilla Glue #4 & Gorilla Glue #5. How about some Strawberry Glue while you’re waiting?

  • Very High Yields – Satisfying!
  • BX’d with Strawberry Diesel
  • Crisp, Clear Orange Tang
  • Massive Yields – 10 Week Finishes

Featuring Original Bruce Banner – Strongest Seed of All Time!

  • Extra Heavy Yields
  • Needs 65 to 70 Days of Bloom

Dark Horse Genetics, the original breeder for Bruce Banner, releases an entire line of cannabis seeds including BB & both Banner & GG blends. Buy now.