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critical weed

Title : Critcal
Comment : Von hundertachzig sam sind 20 nicht gekommen schade . Premium Sam von Banana auch nicht gekommenEs ist schon ärgerlich wenn man andere sorten ausprobieren will und sie nicht keimen

Title : Critical
Comment : Realy happy ! Top ! Highly recommended !
Title : Critical
Comment : Always top strains and never disappointed!!

Title : valeur sûre
Comment : au top rien a dire sinon COMMANDEZ!
Grown indoors, it will average 65-75 grams per plant and can easily hit 600 grams per square metre under a 600W light. Grown outdoors, it prefers a warmer climate such as in Spain, Italy or California and, given the right conditions, will produce over 600 grams per plant. Due to its relatively short flowering time, it can be grown in more northern latitudes (UK, Netherlands); however, it will not reach its full potential as she would indoors.
There are always lots of requirements to fill when deciding which strain to grow: strength, yield, flavour, ease of growth, suitability to climate etc. There is one marijuana plant that tries to bring together all these features in a perfect balance in order to produce the ultimate cash crop: large yield, short flowering period, good smoke. Critical is a plant designed for the ‘cash-crop’ grower who wants the best of both worlds and is guaranteed to fulfil expectations.
The final key to a good commercial crop is a solid smoke; it wouldn’t make sense to have such a high-yielding plant with no power in the puff. Therefore we are glad to say that Critical offers just as much in the stone as it does in the yield. It brings a nice stoned effect which mellows you down into a relaxed vibration.
Title : Okay for now
Comment : Got the seeds. Delivery took long. Bought 3 seeds and 1 got all f*cked up. So i dont think ill buy this again

Title : Very good
Comment : Good seeds

We have a critical situation on our hands, Critical produces so much weed, we don’t have the space to cure the buds. Check out this high-yielding strain.