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critical mass review

Critical mass review

First off, this strain has an impressively high yield. In fact, that’s where this plant got its name: for the critical mass its buds reach that results in them snapping under their own weight. Growers who have cultivated this strain might have the pleasure of walking into their grow room to find stems littering the floor because of the sheer weight. A few statistics to back up the high yield: growing Critical Mass indoors tends to produce 27-ounces per square meter, with 12-ounces per square meter when grown outside.

I definitely had a case of both dry eyes and dry mouth, which are common side effects with this strain. But both were easily dealt with. I also experienced some mild dizziness when I got up from the couch too quickly.
Critical Mass has the potential to be quite overwhelming. Because of this, I’d advise first time stoners to take it slow with this strain. As always, if you have a mental illness, be aware of how much high THC-content-cannabis you’re consuming. Those with anxiety might experience more anxiety if you’re not careful. If you are careful, however, the results can be wonderfully calming.
Not only is the yield high, but Critical Mass is resistant to most diseases, as well as insects such as mites. However, its large, dense buds make it susceptible to mold and rot. Keeping the moisture in your grow environment to a minimum should help to reduce the mold and rot likelihood. Critical Mass also prefers a hotter, dryer climate regardless.

Critical Mass is often recommended at medical cannabis dispensaries as a way to relieve chronic pain due to its intense body-numbing properties. The high CBD levels create a strong body high that leaves you feeling relaxed. Additionally, those who are struggling with stress or anxiety might find the lazy, sedate feeling that Critical Mass has to be extremely useful. I was dealing with some stress-related insomnia at the time I dipped my toe into Critical Mass. True to its description as a sleep aid, I was able to get to sleep easier than I had all week.
Critical Mass is a lovely green color, with subtle purple tones streaked throughout its leaves. Its buds are incredibly dense and are covered in beautiful frosty crystals.
Walking into a grow room of Critical Mass is like walking into a solid wall of deliciously pungent skunk. Interestingly, the intense, skunky smell doesn’t necessarily translate to its smoke. Lighting up will fill a room with a sweet, earthy scent with citrus tones mixed in. It makes one feel like you’re walking through a slightly pungent, hazy forest right after a rain.
Critical Mass’s flavor is very similar to its scent. An earthy, pungent taste pings each of your taste buds. A citrus, almost honeydew sweetness lingers on the tongue after each exhale.
Everyone wants to grow Critical Mass, and with good reason.
Moving from one state to another was possibly one of the most stressful events of my life, and simultaneously the reason I was introduced to the holy grail of relaxation that is Critical Mass.
After about three days of driving, then unpacking all my crap, I was craving a night of relaxation. It seemed like the perfect time to try out some Critical Mass.
It took a few minutes for the full impact to hit. When it did, the relaxation was intense. I went from having my shoulders located somewhere by my ears, to my muscles turning into wonderfully stoned jelly. The high lasted for as long as it took to rewatch the first two Harry Potter movies. I felt euphoric and giggly the whole time and enjoyed myself immensely. I’d been having issues falling asleep since my head was stuffed to the brim with stress. With Critical Mass, that wasn’t an issue whatsoever.
Critical Mass is a cross between Afghani Indica and Skunk #1 with a medium to high THC content that ranges from 19% to 22%. It gained popularity in California on the medical marijuana scene and was praised for its high cannabinoid content.

Critical Mass is often referred to as a descendant of Big Bud, which is also a cross of Afghani Indica and Skunk #1. It makes a certain amount of sense, considering that both are gifted with excessively large buds covered in glistening trichomes. The goal of reworking Big Bud would have been to make a more stable cannabis strain with the signature massive buds of its forefather. Critical Mass is certainly stable (which will be discussed more in the Growing Critical Mass Section), and absolutely has those big ol’ gorgeous buds.

Critical Mass is an indica dominant hybrid with high CBD levels and medium to high THC. Learn more about the benefits of this strain in our full review.

Critical mass review

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Smell: Critical Mass’s indica effect extends into aromatherapy, with sedative scents of powdery bubble gum and spicy wood, subtle hints of berry, and a pungent, skunky smell taking over at the end.
Far be it from a stoner to notice an industry trend, but I couldn’t help but observe that Critical Mass has been taking up an increasing amount of space in local dispensaries. Looking around various pot shop menus online confirmed the strain’s clout in the industry. But is Critical Mass also deserving of critical acclaim?

Home grower’s take: “Kinda makes me float. I think it’s one of the easier indicas to handle, but it can still make you go to sleep after a couple hours. I can see why more shops are growing it, because it flowers pretty fast and yields over two pounds per plant. It’s a lot like Blue Dream in that aspect, but more like an old-school version. People today don’t appreciate strains that taste like hash and wood and skunk anymore. Everyone wants fruity shit nowadays, like beer.”
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Looks: Big cone- and football-shaped nugs tend to look more like stalagmites than cannabis, with dense buds, heavy leaf and pistil coverage and a light-green color reminiscent of Afghani.
Effects: Critical Mass delivers a short burst of vigor after the first few hits, but it should definitely be considered a nighttime and relaxation strain. Sedative effects are tough to keep at bay after an hour or so, making the mind eager for amusement but too tired to create its own, so have entertainment ready. Patients use the strain to treat insomnia, eating disorders, nausea, stress and minor pain.
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Critical Mass counts Afghani and Skunk #1 as its parents, a no-brainer for Dutch and Spanish growing circles. Classic but delicious flavors of bark, bubble gum and hash from its Afghani lineage pair well with Skunk’s pungent, tart notes, but that’s not what has made Critical Mass such a commercial hit. Its prolific…