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critical jack strain

Critical jack strain

A cross between two world-renowned strains, Critical Jack has giant shoes to fill – that of Critical Plus and Jack Herer. The two award-winners have followers that, to this remain, loyal to its blissful mood-enhancing effects. Indeed, a tough battle for an offspring to fight.

Another notable quality is how the muscle-relaxing sensation that usually creeps up after does not undo the wakeful onset, nor does it weigh the body down with the usual drowsiness that follows in some other strains. Instead, the body and mind merely co-exist peacefully, which is why Critical Jack is one of the best functional strains to date.
The combination of its placid yet motivating buzz makes it ideal for morning use. It rouses the mind with just enough energy to ease users into a productive mood. Along with that comes an improved ability to concentrate on the daily routine with both enthusiasm and ease.

Without question, its lineage amplifies the common ground of clarifying and mood-enriching properties. It complements the herb’s performance in the nursery too, as both produce extremely huge, resinous flowers.
Critical Jack may promise a mellow and uplifting high but using it beyond the limitations could cause adverse effects too. Apart from the typical dry mouth and eyes, some might suffer from bouts of dizziness. In extreme cases, those with low tolerance to the strong effects of THC may even feel levels of anxiousness or paranoia elevate. As such, it is better to start slow and steady to ensure a smooth-sailing experience.
by Bonza · Published December 17, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020
Additionally, its high THC content is not limited to thrills and giggles only. It contains painkilling qualities that effectively remove common discomforts like backaches, arthritis and cramps. It takes pride in balancing a calm and clear-headed high for hours.
Outdoors cultivation, on the other hand, is on a league of its own in terms of the massiveness of its turnout. The plant prefers the constant sun and heat of a Mediterranean but will do well in the cool weather of the northern hemisphere due to the influence of Critical Plus. Growers reap unbelievable yields of 1200 gram of fresh buds per plant by the end of September or early October.

Some extra steps can easily fix its height problem – pruning and trimming helps encourage lateral growth and keeps it manageable in covert spaces indoors. It flourishes well in either hydroponics or organic soil, the latter being a better choice for enhancing its flavors. Moreover, employing the Screen of Green method helps reduce its vegetative period as well as encourage better bud growth.

Serving an even split of Sativa and Indica effects, Critical Jack is a bold and functional strain that satisfies fans of both spectrums.