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critical jack herer

Critical jack herer

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Dont like ppm in the 1000s but grows well very east to grow just too streachy for my likeing. havent finished flowering but looks to be a decent yielder. Smells of lemony funk like the jack herer i grew a few years ago
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10% Pain numbing
I grow in soil. I have grown both phenos listed. Both are more sativa than indica but one is shorter and quicker to finish but it yields significantly less. Since there’s already a review on the lanky one my review is on the shorter squat pheno.
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I grew one plant of this Strain togehter with 7 plants of 6 other strains in a Darkroom 60 with 250 Watts.
And This Plant gave me the highest Yield on a that Run with 39,7g of dense Bud! The other plants gave all only 24-28g!
Really dense Bud´s, after harvest i thought that a plant gave me 25-30g but after drying i´ve got 39,7g of Bud!
Really high Yielder, and a clear active High. Very good for Daytime Use!
This plant is very tolerant to topping, LST and its ok for supercropping. Its not tolerant to full strength fertilization. Prefers lower strength nutes, I would not use maxibloom on this. It stretches quickly and then slows growth but continues to grow taller throughout the flowering period. This pheno puts on flowers very quickly and trichs are obvious in the second week. The other pheno is about 2 weeks behind that but catches up later in flower. Smells like lemon and black pepper, its earthy. Its not overly fragrant during flower. Shorter plant is easier to clone.

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