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Although using the romulan strain can be typically risk-free, overdosing can often lead to a couple of side effects such as paranoia and dizziness. However, common side effects when using any cannabis strain such as the dry mouth and dry eyes are easily manageable with the right planning and preparation when using the strain.

One of the first impressions you can get as soon as the romulan strain has been lit up is its distinctive pungent aroma. The smell of the strain will overflow and cover the entire space it is located in. It features an earthy smell with hints of pine, leaving a real impact in terms of smell. Although overall, the strain features an aromatic profile that is not entirely different from other cannabis strains.
The original notes you can taste in the romulan strain are earthy, piney, citrusy, woodsy, and spicy. However, when the cannabis strain hits your tongue, the taste usually settles in sweet like a candy.

With its high potency, the strain is not recommended to be used during day time or you will start dozing off in the next hour.

  • Relaxed – 58%
  • Sleepy – 53%
  • Happy – 45%
  • Euphoric – 44%
  • Hungry – 28%

Aside from its catchy name, especially for all Star Trek fans, the romulan strain has made an impact for a lot of reasons. But, in terms of its genetic lineage, the romulan strain is a bit mysterious. The only thing known about the cannabis strain is its parents, which is the White Rhino Indica and the North American Indica, but the specific type is unknown.
The romulan strain features the typical effects you can get from an Indica strain. However, the potency of its effects is amplified to a whole new level. It is mostly used for people who want to relax after a tiring day, and it can even send you into a deep euphoric state where your stress melts away.
The romulan strain is also widely known for its potent therapeutic benefits and is even considered as the most reliable sleep reliever in the market. Also, it’s a popular choice for patients with depression, anxiety, PTSD, paranoia, Bipolar disorder, eating disorder, chronic stress, and insomnia.

The romulan strain is fairly easy to grow, given that you have previous experience in growing cannabis strains. However, beginner cannabis growers can still attempt to cultivate them and come out with fruitful plants during harvest.

Named after an alien Star Trek race, the romulan strain features an out of this world relaxing and sedating effects to keep the stress at bay.