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connoisseur genetics website

Connoisseur genetics website

Connoisseur Genetics is a cannabis seed bank famous for the superior quality of its hybrids, thanks to years of cultivation and genetic research.

Strawberry N Mango from Connoisseur Genetics is a cannabis hybrid as rich in resin as it is in aromas, now available in the feminised seed collection at AlchimiaWeb. This variety characterised by its fruity and sweet scent as well as its heavy resin [. ]
Alchimia presents Mango N Cheese from Connoisseur Genetics, a cannabis strain developed to offer a line of plants rich in resin and terpenes, one that will be particularly popular with lovers of cannabis concentrates. This cross between a clone of S [. ]

Discover the feminised version of Connoisseur Genetics’ Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze cannabis strain, a Sativa hybrid with generous yields of dense, resinous flowers and a premium Haze and citrus fragrance. Also known in the cannabis world as SSSDH [. ]
Connoisseur Genetics’ Silver Nevil is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a complex, fruity Haze aroma, it’s now available in Alchimia’s feminised seed collection. The Silver Nevil Haze clone used here is characterised by a Mango scent and a fast flowerin [. ]
Working from selections of the best examples of different lines of cannabis, such as Super Silver Haze, Chemdog, Sour Diesel or Casey Jones, Connoisseur offers varieties that produce top quality crops, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.
In order to share their work with all types of growers, the team at Connoisseur Genetics have developed its varieties as both regular and feminized cannabis seeds.
Among their flagship varieties, we could highlight such examples Chemmy Jones, SSSDH (Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze) or Rainbow Jones.
Here at Alchimia we’re excited to present Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze from Connoisseur Genetics, a Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that’s highly appreciated for its acidic aroma and its enormously potent high effect. Now available as regular seeds, [. ]

Chemmy Jones is a cannabis strain created by Connoisseur Seeds and available now as feminised seeds, giving vigorous, resistant and easy-to-grow plants while providing a high quality crop worthy of its parents: Chemdog D and Casey Jones. This Indica [. ]

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