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colorado weed shipping

Colorado weed shipping

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Colorado weed shipping

The Marijuana Enforcement Division can’t authorize online recreational sales without a change in state law, but it will continue to evaluate whether the emergency rules should be amended, renewed or repealed, according to the governor’s office.

The latest from the coronavirus outbreak in Colorado:
Now under Colorado’s emergency rules, customers can pay for marijuana online and then pick up their purchase at the store.

The dispensary’s manager, Ben Prater, said he believes the state should allow deliveries during the crisis, as well. Home delivery of marijuana, which is already allowed in several states, was not covered by Polis’ order.
“They may have a lot of other things on their plate than trying to figure out how to facilitate delivery for marijuana businesses,” she said, adding that allowing recreational pot delivery before next year would require legislative action.
Colorado lawmakers last year legalized delivery but left it up to municipalities to decide if they want it. The state law allows for the delivery of medical marijuana this year and recreational cannabis in 2021.
By Thomas Peipert, The Associated Press
It’s one of several signs emerging from the virus outbreak of just how far ingrained marijuana has become in mainstream life in several states. Dispensaries are being designated “critical businesses” and are allowed to operate through statewide stay-at-home orders. Large markets such as California, Washington state and Oregon are allowing curbside pickup during the crisis.

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Colorado has made online sales of recreational marijuana legal during the coronavirus pandemic, fulfilling one of the pot industry's biggest wishes and fueling its argument for more concessions that could be made permanent when the crisis eases.