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co2 burners for grow rooms

Co2 burners for grow rooms
Highly Recommended!
Adding CO2 won’t help anything unless you’ve already maxed out other limiting factors, such as light intensity. Without big powerful grow lights, most growers aren’t able to achieve the right light intensity marijuana can naturally use at regular CO2 levels.
Have I already maxed out the amount of light my cannabis plants can use with my current grow lights? (at least 7500-10000 lumens per sq foot, usually only possible with a 600W or 1000W HID light, or a few 400W HID lights close together)
Plants actually stop “breathing in” CO2 at night, so you can turn off your CO2 enrichment system when the lights go out!
Plants Can Use Up to 1200-1500 PPM of CO2
If You Do Want to Seal Your Room, Get the Right Hood/Reflector!
3.) Fermentation
4′ x 4′ space – 1000W HPS or LED
Cost of Adding Extra CO2 – It can be expensive to get started if you want to inject a whole lot of CO2 into your grow area, for example in big grow operations. The cheapest ways to add CO2 are actually not very good at providing a lot of CO2 over time, but can be a great way to “dip your feet” and try CO2 out. The best CO2 setups in the long run are a bit more pricey to get started with, though they become a lot cheaper once you’ve got your initial supplies.
Will CO2 work for your space? How do you get set up? Learn everything you need to know about CO2 injection…