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A word of warning before you grow Chronic: this strain reeks! While you might enjoy Chronic’s dank aroma, be extra careful if stealth is a priority. Please double-check your air filtration system before you start growing this musky marijuana plant.

Chronic seeds are easy to grow thanks to their fast-flowering schedule, resistance to mold, and relatively short stature (about 6 feet). Whether you work indoors or outdoors, be sure to maintain temps of 70 – 80°F and a moderate humidity level. If you use high quality Chronic feminized seeds, then you can expect to harvest 2 ounces per ft² within about 8 – 9 weeks.
In the flavor department, Chronic packs a pungent punch thanks to its Skunk genetics. Users should brace themselves for an astringent & ashy slap to the back of the throat. As you grow more accustomed to Chronic’s kick, you might pick up notes of pine and spice underneath the overpowering skunk.

A potential downside of using Chronic is its cough-inducing hashy taste. Those with pre-existing lung conditions might not be the best fit for this strain.
Mike S. – November 2, 2019 :
New growers looking for serious skunk can’t go wrong with feminized Chronic seeds. Developed in the 1990s at Serious Seeds, Chronic was born when growers crossed the pure indica Northern Lights with two sativas: AK-47 and Skunk No. 1. Cannabis fans quickly took notice of this hash-like hybrid’s hours-long sociable high. As a 50:50 hybrid with high THC content, Chronic offers users an initial head-rush followed by a full-body indica sensation. Medical users also appreciate Chronic’s moderate traces of the calming cannabinoid CBD.
Ricky Lewis – December 11, 2016 :
Chronic seeds have also been gaining traction in the medical community due to their moderate traces of CBD. Patients with autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, or inflammatory conditions might want to consider giving Chronic a try.

Inextricably linked with Dr. Dre, Chronic seeds are one of the skunkiest strain seeds hybrids to hit the market in the 1990s. Recreational users consistently praise Chronic for its hashy aromatics, high THC level (>15%), and long-lasting, sociable high. Add in moderate CBD and a fast-flowering schedule and you can understand why there are many “chronically” committed fans.

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