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Kong is an Indica-dominant hybrid that packs a punch like a giant, THC gorilla. Feel the tension melt off your body while your mind climbs a skyscraper.

Tommy Chong is best known for creating and starring in the wildly popular Cheech & Chong movies, but that may change if his exclusive cannabis line, Chong’s Choice, continues to grow. The line was launched earlier this year at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernadino, California and is available in only a select number of medicinal and recreational dispensaries. And, as Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, Karing Kind is proud to represent Colorado as one of only two Boulder dispensaries selected to offer Chong’s brand of cannabis products.
Chong’s Choice represents a premium cannabis line available at an affordable price. “It’s not about the money,” Chong said in a recent Complex interview. But with a superior product, instant name recognition and widespread distribution in states that allow medicinal or recreational marijuana use, he may end up making a lot of it anyway. Tommy Chong launched the brand with his son, Paris, and Jon-Paul Cowen, the president of their company, Chongson, Inc, extending his already wide reach as a marijuana advocate and icon. Their network includes growers, distributors and dispensaries in those states where medicinal or recreational marijuana are legal, making it the widest available celebrity cannabis line in the US. Chong has used marijuana recreationally and medicinally, and his brand reflects his experience, emphasizing the importance of a clean, high-quality product, offering users their choice of high-THC or high-CBD strains. He believes people should know what they are putting in their bodies, and Chong’s select marijuana line will include state oversight to track and monitor each cannabis plant “from seed to disposition.” Though, it should be noted that Chong himself is in favor of a straight sales tax on marijuana, according to an article on The Four-Twenty Games, saying “We don’t need to be told how to

Purple Diesel blends pre ’98 Bubba Kush with Sour Diesel to deliver a one-of-a-kind Sativa-dominant hybrid. In addition to offering users an energizing, euphoric high, it offers exceptional pain relief. As Chong’s brand continues to grow, our inventory and selection of products may change. Feel free to call us before you stop in to see what Chong select strains we have in stock.
grow it, sell it, or smoke it. Just don’t put us in jail.” For the marijuana connoisseurs and historians out there, the Chong’s Choice line is not the same as the strain named after Chong, which is cultivated and sold at Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo, Colorado.
While we carry a variety of strains, concentrates and edibles, inventory and stock levels fluctuate from week to week and month to month, including on Chong’s Choice products. Check our menu and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for an up-to-date list of edibles, concentrates and buds available now.
Karing Kind is Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary and the only dispensary in the North Boulder/Lyons/Longmont area to carry the Chong’s select cannabis line. Stop by our discrete location today, and you can be “Up in Smoke” by tonight.
Chong’s select products cater to both recreational smokers and those looking for high-CBD strains. In addition to our everyday selection of organic, chemical-free bud, concentrates and edibles, we carry the following Chong’s Choice strains:

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Karing Kind – Tommy Chong’s Choice Chong’s Choice Cannabis Line Available at Karing Kind Tommy Chong is best known for creating and starring in the wildly popular Cheech & Chong movies, but