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choice seed bank

Choice seed bank

As well as this, the company also offers free delivery for orders placed that are over $500.

The customer service offered by Grower’s Choice is of an exceptionally high standard, owing to the fact that Grower’s Choice seems to place a high emphasis on ensuring that customers are happy with the quality of service that they are offered. They report on their website that the customer is their number one priority and that they always want customers to feel safe and secure when using their website and placing orders, which is why they offer a number of different contact solutions and options for people who shop with them or who have an inquiry about their business or products.
For customers outside of the United States, these stealth options are offered free of charge.

The company provides itself on offering its customers the highest standard of strain selection for its many customers. Indeed, the Grower’s Choice website states that their range includes some of the most premium strains available on the market.
Grower’s Choice offers its customers a number of different ways to pay, which makes it possible for users to have a great selection. The company offers Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, as well as a few different cryptocurrency options (namely Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum), mail payments, Zelle for US customers, and Interac eTransfer (only for Canadian customers).
Additionally, the germination rates for the seeds that the company offers to seem to be exceptionally high—and, as part of this, it should be noted that Grower’s Choice guarantees that all orders will achieve an exceptionally high rate of 90% germination or the company will send out a free replacement pack of seeds to customers without questions being asked. This is an incredibly generous offer for a seed bank to make and is reassuring for customers, as well.
Products ordered through Grower’s Choice are delivered in discrete and inconspicuous packaging, and this is important for many seed buyers. The company makes a note of displaying only the very minimal in terms of delivery information on the packaging, too; the delivery information will not mention company names or a description of the products.
Grower’s Choice offers plenty of different options for seeds for its customers, with auto-flowering, feminized, and high CBD varieties all being available for purchase. In fact, the company doesn’t even bother with offering so-called “regular” seeds; all of their seeds are feminized by default, helping to ensure that male crops won’t be found when you buy seeds from Grower’s Choice—which, let’s be honest, can really be something of a hassle that none of us actually have time for.

Grower’s Choice Seed Bank is one of the many options that people can choose to buy their seeds from, but is it a good seed bank to use? Should you trust Grower’s Choice Seed Bank or are there other options that might be a better choice for your seed bank needs? If you have not already made up your mind for this brand, you check my seed bank buyer’s guide here.

Grower’s Choice Seed Bank Review -Is it reliable? Grower’s Choice Seed Bank is one of the many options that people can choose to buy their seeds from, but is it a good seed bank to use? Should