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cherry glue strain

Cherry glue strain

A unique flavored phenotype of the 1990’s Romulan Diesel, with a short flowering time, making her ideal for most growing environments.

A cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, the buds on this plant grow tight & slightly elongated. Its branches tend to keep stretching in the first few weeks of flowering.
Incredible density of small tight bud structure. This hand-selected phenotype of GSC is sure to please growers throughout CA.

A uniquely flavored bud with hints of semi-sweet chocolate and spice.
This Hybrid genetic is known for gorgeous purple marbling, incredible bag appeal and famed parents GSC and Pink Panties.
Unbelievably sticky with a fair amount of trichome production reeking of pungent pineapple skunk.
Tahoe OG Kush buds are extremely dense due to the overly large swollen calyxes, which is a known trait of true OG Kush.
Created by breeder Ken Estes, Ken’s Granddaddy Purple differs from most GDP cuts. Ken’s GDP has been crossed back into itself creating a more potent, effective and robust strain.

Second place winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup SF 2011

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