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chemdog flowering time

Chemdog flowering time
The Chemdawg plants are fairly tall. They require a great amount of care. Its famous fan leaves mask stems with buds which are light green with orange pistils and stigmas, then a virtual blanket of frosty white icing, the valuable THC-rich trichomes. Trichomes also contain the terpenes and CBD. These parts are the plant’s protection against predators. An insect that eats it will get a nervous system full of cannabinoids which will deter, mind-control, or kill the predator. Human users use it for its psychoactive properties of course.
The smell of Chemdawg is the likely origin of its name. Chemdawg smells of diesel, fuel, chemical, lemon, earthiness, and pine. The smell will knock you off your feet even before taking a hit.
Chemdawg Type: Chemdawg is thought to have originated from the following strains:
Chemdawg can provide the relaxation needed to put the worst insomniac to rest and may also be recommended for this indication by your physician.
Chemdawg weed is often used to treat chronic stress and its effects. Chronic stress can lead to conditions of anxiety and depression. Chemdawg weed may be recommended by your doctor to help you ease an anxious, worried, or depressed mind. Chemdawg will provide an instantaneous euphoria and relaxation which will help you to cope. When the initial effects wear off, the anti-inflammatory action can cause a long-lasting positive effect by reducing inflammation in the brain which has been implicated in depression.
Chemdawg can be an intense high. It begins with a highly cerebral euphoria which can spark creativity in users. This can make it a good way to relax during a brainstorming phase of a creative project, or to dissolve social barriers to help you communicate with collaborators in music or other types of art projects.

  • Sativa from the area of Nepal
  • Thai Sativa

Growing weed from Chemdawg cannabis seeds and cuttings is said to be a fairly difficult task and should only be undertaken by professional growers. The difficulty of growing this strain is one reason so many varieties and offspring strains exist. These strains were bred to make it easier to get the power of Chemdawg without the labor intensive gardening required. Chemdawg must be grown with carefully controlled humidity levels and in a good natural soil type.
Indoors, cultivators who have carefully maintained a sunny and dry environment can expect these plants to flower in about nine weeks. It will yield a bountiful 28 ounces per square meter.
Chemdawg weed is a powerful weapon against nausea which can be caused by chemotherapy or radiation used to treat cancer and autoimmune conditions. It will also improve appetite which can help with wasting caused by such treatment and other conditions that cause muscle wasting or lack of appetite such as anorexia.
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