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chemdawg x og kush

Chemdawg x og kush

Today, most versions of OG Kush, like SFV OG, Larry OG, Tahoe OG, Ghost OG, etc., are likely just specific phenotypes of the original OG.

It is also important to note that these plants have somewhat high nutritional needs, particularly in the nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium departments, and they like a lot of strong light. Always be aware that the quality of care you grant your plants determines the quality of care they provide for you.
Regardless, the plants usually aren’t the fastest in the vegetative phase, but they eventually fill out nicely. In an indoor grow setting, this strain can be expected to reach a medium height of 90–160cm, occasionally larger. It will get taller when grown outdoors, but the quality, potency, and yield will always be the best in regions with warm weather and plenty of sunshine, maybe near the ocean (wink, wink). When tended properly, indoor-grown OG Kush will produce an average amount of 400–500g/m²—but always keep in mind the differences in specific variations.

The genetics of OG Kush are even more hotly debated. In fact, it’s contested that OG Kush contains any genetics from the Hindu Kush mountain range at all! But if you believe the original story from Florida, OG Kush is a cross of a strain from Northern California with a variety from the Hindu Kush. Many modern seedbanks claim that OG Kush is a cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush, but a lot of people seem to believe the bagseed theory, meaning that OG Kush is basically a special Chemdawg phenotype that became further stabilised and refined over the years. One consistency in these origin stories is the inclusion of some form of Chemdawg, so one could assume that her genes comprise a portion of the legendary OG.
OG Kush is known for its pleasing looks and pungent aroma. It’s important to remember that individual plants of the same strain can vary in colour due to lighting, nutrition, temperature, and other environmental factors. On average though, the flowers of OG Kush tend to have an intense lime green colour. The buds of the plant feature copious amounts of resin, which is partly to thank for its popularity. The buds usually have a dense, large, and compact appearance.
But the popularity of OG Kush isn’t restricted to just medical patients and “normal” recreational smokers. Its strength and visual attributes have elevated it to legendary status. The strain is often referred to in music, and has been given props by famous artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Dr. Dre, Brisco, Cypress Hill, and countless other major hip-hop stars. Furthermore, a lot of actors are also known to enjoy smoking this strain. Amanda Bynes, for example, was recently discovered tweeting about how she planned to smoke some. There are even variations of the strain named after major Hollywood stars such as Charlie Sheen OG, Lin Sanity OG, and Blue Ivy OG Kush, which is named after the daughter of Jay-Z and Beyoncé.
As mentioned above, the growth characteristics of OG Kush heavily depend on the seeds you get. On the one hand, some people find that OG Kush is one of the simpler cannabis strains to grow, requiring only moderate gardening ability and producing a bountiful harvest. But then again, there are those who experience problems when growing OG Kush. They consider the plant to be rather finicky, producing a low yield in the wrong hands.
Interestingly enough, when talking about the characteristics of OG Kush, we have to keep in mind that there exists a wide spectrum of versions and phenotypes of this strain. This is because the actual genetics still remain a mystery. Therefore, we don’t really know for sure what “pure” OG Kush consists of genetically. For instance, depending on the origin story you believe, the strain displays more indica or sativa traits, or is easier/harder to grow. But overall, some consistencies have been drawn between these phenos.

The precise origin of OG remains shrouded in mystery to this day. Depending on the source, you will find that the original strain was first bred in Florida in the early ‘90s, or that it originated in Los Angeles in 1996 when Matt “Bubba” Berger brought it to the famous cultivator Josh D. Others say that it’s a clone-only variety related to the legendary Chemdawg strain found in a bag of weed brought to a Grateful Dead concert in the 1980s. You see, it’s quite complicated, but also part of what makes this strain so intriguing.

В мире марихуаны сорт OG Kush является одним из самых знаменитых и наиболее известных среди всех остальных.

Chemdawg x og kush

• ‘chemdog’ and friends made several crosses that are held closely by a small group of friends and acquaintances. Among them are:

Bienvenue sur les FCF

Une question pour les papys du fofo

Rezdog de Reservoir seeds à récemment réaliser de nombreus croisements à base de Chemdawg
comme une partie de ces ventes dont le profit est destiner à un projet personnel.
Ces croisements comptent: “Chemdawg-D x Sensi seeds Hindu Kush” et “Snwodawg x Hindu kush”,
“Chemdawg-D x Sour Diesel ibl”, “Snwodawg x Sour diesel ibl”, “ChemHaze x Sour Diesel ibl” et
“Giesel x Sour Diesel ibl”.
How did you obtain seeds for the Ottawa Cannabis farm? Curiously, it was easier to obtain seeds of Cannabis for research purposes in the early 1970s than it is today, and by 1971 I had accumulated in excess of 400 different stocks of seeds. The United States Department of Agriculture supplied dozens of samples, but today informs inquirers that it has none. Similarly it is also increasingly difficult today to obtain hemp seeds from some other seed banks. In my early research I concentrated on means of distinguishing drug and non-drug strains, and numerous police forces around the world cooperated in supplying seeds from confiscations. Today the emphasis is on non-drug strains, and it is necessary to have a reasonable indication that imported seeds are non-drug. And of course, with the recent realization that hemp is an extremely promising crop for which seed collections are critical for future breeding, many private seed collections are available only on a cooperative developmental basis. I was not aware of the Canada connect to Turners proj. BTW according to the way I heard the story, the G plants were not the result of a U of Miss breeding program but point of origin P1 afgans bing tested for later use. Sandy’s buddy’s job was to make the most crude tets for THC level, he fownd this particular wierdo that tested off the chart. e passed it on to his friend and the rest is history. I don’t claim anything I state here as absolute fact, in fact part of the reason I posted this here was to try and spark exactly this kind of conversation, one I think is long overdue. I very much hope that you all can/will check me on the facts and if anybody has any additional info on any matter related to these old lines, please feel free to add, even if only to debunk some myth that “I” might without knowing it, be carrying forward . As far as this tale is concerned, there are three people still alive and in the public domain so to speak, who can confirm or deny any or all parts of this post Those being: Mel Frank, Who was Sandy’s close friend. Nevil who also met him personaly. and of course our own Shantibaba, in whom Nevil has entrusted to steward the last remains of this plant into the future. Shanti also has dir. access to both Nev and Mel F I was no more than a fring dweller on the edges of this seen back then. Barely a grower and certainly no breeder. Just a snotnosed skate grommet who was enlisted by a friend’s older brother to assist with harvest and trim. a year or so later , when my friends and I started to drop some seeds in the ground it was this guy who mentored us.
– SOUR DIESEL aka ECSD vient d’un croisement accidentel de
(’91chemdawg x Massachusset Super Skunk / NL) x DNL aprés que la DNL ait
tourner hermaphrodite et donc polléniser la salle de culture. Le lignage de la DNL
est NL/Shiva x Hawaïïan.
As noted above, cultivation of Cannabis was initiated by two Canadian federal ministries, Health Canada and AAFC, for the purpose of clarifying a number of botanical issues, and to grow a standard supply of medicinal marihuana. A 3 acre plot was established in 1971 in the main agricultural research area in Ottawa, known as the Central Experimental Farm, where both high-THC and low-THC forms were cultivated. This was in a rather open location, and elaborate security measures proved necessary. After 1971, it was decided to conduct cultivation in Ottawa only in more secure indoor areas, and this lasted until 1979. Outside of Ottawa, hemp has occasionally been grown outdoors at various AAFC stations across Canada in recent years, but currently cultivation is entirely on the private property of cooperating entrepreneurs. I am cooperating in research on hemp, both in the field and greenhouse, but the research sites are not in Ottawa. Our current mandate is to assist the private sector in conducting commercially oriented research on low-THC Cannabis, i.e. industrial hemp.
En 1991, chemdog a fait germer les 4 premières graines. De ces graines, un mâle a été trouver et détruit (chemdog était jeune, on ne peux pas lui en vouloir).
Les trois femelles ont été appellées “chemdawg” (maintenant “91’chemdawg”),”chemdawg a” (maintenant “chemdawg’s sister”) et “chemdawg b”.
En 2001, chemdog et sa compagne ont essayer de faire germer 3 graines supplémentaires, nommées “c”, “d” et “e”. La graine “e” n’a jamais germer, la “c” a donner une plante sans interêt (selon chemdog) et la “d” était la bombe.
En 2006 chemdog et joebrand se sont réunis et joe s’est vu offrir 4 des 6 dernières graines: chemdawg phéno 1-4, “4” étant le gagnant choisit.
Joe a trouver que la “4” était la meilleure représentation de l’originale que l’on retrouves doublement dans ce “reunion-pheno”.
Chemdog à toujours 2 graines dans sa reserve personnelle.

1. Super Snowdawg (Bubble Chem x [Super skunk x Oregon Sno])
2. Giesel (Chem D x Mass Super Skunk)
3. Bubble Chem (Chemdawg’s Sister x Sag’s Bubbleberry)
4. Dawg Daze aka ChemHaze (Chem D x ’93 Sensi’s NL#5/Haze)
5. Chemdawg D x Pbud (another old-school Colorado strain)

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