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“Mike was stationed in Iraq when he bought the flower seeds.”

Jeff, I received my flower seeds today and I am so pleased. Thank you for the free shasta daisy package!! What a pleasure it is to deal with someone who is reliable, with quick and personal service that is so often lacking today. You are appreciated!!
We now sell Greenhouses and accessories too. You get $50 worth of seeds and a free galvanized potting bench with every greenhouse purchase.

Thank you. Jeff Bless your heart for trusting someone you don’t know. I will send payment immediately upon arrival. I have been in the landscaping business for 20+ years.
Just thought you would like to know that the poppies and the other seeds I bought have started to sprout and seem to like growing in Iraq. Thanks again.
Good morning Jeff, Thank you so much for sending those flower seeds along so quickly. I have a check for $52.00 on my desk for you to send out this morning, to the address that was on the package. Thank you again for the help, and great idea, we are thrilled to have this taken care of and off the list. Much appreciated.
Please take some time to look around our site. We’re sure you’ll find something you like! Thanks for looking. Jeff
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To all who commented and are worried, the house was new to us in September and the previous owner planted many flowering plants, and a gazzillion creeping plants, so the front look okayish, except due to me woeful lack of knowledge on the subject of anything pretty, except runner beans! 🙂 it is beginning to look a mess, as I don’t know a weed from a deliberately planted flower 🙁 I have some clues now as I discovered one part has plastic mulch on it and the weeds have grown on top of that! so I have now identified some of them, and I am busy tighing ribbon to the shrubs I like so I can identify them in the fall, when I plan to rearrange things a little! I do have nurstuium?? in the veg beds more by luck than judgement as my twin four year olds insisted on flowers for you mummy! and it has paid off they are covered in some small black fly thing and the toms next to it clear! oh and I think I may have planted a sunflower right in the middle of a patch of toms covered by netting! DOH! slap hand on head! thanks for you sugestions
I only bought 2 packs of creeping thyme, I had other things in my cart but with free shipping I could always order more later.

I like your Larkspur, Nicotiana “Tinkerbell.”, Allium, Chamomile Feverfew, Foxgloves, Shasta Daisy, and more your gardens must be really pretty!! I donÂt even know what some on your list are.
Heather: I’m curious, what does a yard look like when the owner does veggies but no flowers? Do you do ornamental kale along the front of the house? 🙂 I’ve seen beautiful potagers, and the OCD displays of lettuce at Chicago Botanic Gardens, I think they’re neat but I can’t do them since I have lots of creatures who want to eat that stuff.
I will feel better ordering the seeds from them now.
I just found it by using google.
Here is a link that might be useful: Creeping thyme seeds link

No NO NO NO! NO!!NO. NOO. well, okay.

Just wondering if they are reliable? I would like to order Creeping Thyme for next year and possibly some other seeds. A link is attached with the Creeping Thyme… thanks! karen Here is a link that might be useful: Creeping thyme seeds link