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cheapest cbd oil reddit

I am looking for a good quality CBD oil that is not outrageous in price and I REALLY need some guidance, because their is so much I don’t know. I understand cheaper usually means not as powerful, but there is still good quality oil for cheaper prices and I need some guidance to find those companies.

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Hey there are a lot of great oils made by really good companies. If i had to recommend one oil I would look into Lazarus Naturals High Potency Tincture. It’s a good quality product.

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What benefits have you noticed from it? Any anxiety reduction or better sleep?
This is crazy though. Vendor is telling users of this sub that a vetted brand is “a waste of money” and accusing them off selling diluted products while promoting their own product that’s 3 times more expensive! Things like this are not productive to the conversation, and it’s misleading!
Thank you for your response! I will check it out and that very well be what I will order.
FFS this self promotion bullshit is driving me insane! This sub is going to hell. I downvote and report them when I see them.

I’m really happy with my Green Mountain tincture. It seems to be priced competitively.

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