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Cheap weed name
As I pointed out in a previous column for Forbes, the “high timers are all high rollers” mentality is not very realistic. Or at least it’s not as prevalent as the weed industry wants the world to believe.
But the cheap stuff is something that is missing from legal weed.
Well, it seems that one cannabis producer listened.
Still, considering that an ounce of popular strains like Blue Dream costs approximately $265 an ounce, it’s not a bad deal. Sure, the weed is not overly strong, but at 12-18% THC, it will definitely get the job done.
Industry experts like where Hexo is going with this concept.
The cannabis industry has done everything in its power to avoid catering to the average, working-class stoner. It launches expensive brands almost every week, designed exclusively for the hoity toity. Because, well, people with beaucoup bucks are the only ones out there buying marijuana amidst the newly legal climate, right? Come on, that seems a little far-fetched.
Slide down to any liquor store on a questionable side of town, and it is not hard to find some beaten down casualties of life hanging around nearby, asking anyone and everyone for some spare change so they can get a bottle. If you’ve ever been accosted by one of these desperate booze-seeking social outcasts, you may have found yourself thinking at one time or another, “How in the heck will 50 cents help this person buy liquor. They’ll be out there all night before they gather enough cash to get drunk.” Well, while that might be true for beggars with a palate for the good stuff, this is not the case for those with an affinity for libations straight off the bottom shelf. Like, way at the bottom.
It’s really just the reverberation of a sales pitch concocted years ago by cannabis advocates as a way to show politicians and voters that the potheads of the flower power generation finally grew up and got a job. And not just slinging burgers down at McDonald’s either. We’re talking real careers where they are earning around $75,000-$100,000 per year.
For years, broke boozehounds across the United States have been getting the job done with cheap liquor. All they have to do is come up with a few bucks, and they can afford a wild and wicked buzz that most of us will (and should) go our entire lives without experiencing. Let’s just say you’re not missing an opportunity for enlightenment or anything by pounding down a $5 bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.
While the cannabis industry is busy trying to market to the wealthy, one company has created a strain of marijuana specifically for broke stoners.