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Looking for CBD Oil Locally in Halifax? Here’s 5 Tips Before You Buy The process of buying CBD oil locally in Halifax is much different than online shopping. Since CBD is legal across Canada A CBD Oil buyer's guide to the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. There are several locations and NSLC stores across the city.

Looking for CBD Oil Locally in Halifax? Here’s 5 Tips Before You Buy

The process of buying CBD oil locally in Halifax is much different than online shopping.

Since CBD is legal across Canada including Halifax, you get plenty of options when it comes to finding high-quality oil. But there are a few things to consider before you actually pay for the product.

In this article, we are going to take a look at exactly that. So with all that said, let’s jump straight into it.

Check Google Reviews

Online CBD stores aren’t the only ones benefiting from the internet and the many features of it. Local stores in Halifax can set up their own businesses on Google as a means to offer customers information about them.

And this is exactly what you should be doing. Google is an excellent resource when it comes to finding out tidbits of information about a particular store.

Not only can you look up the rating of a particular store, but you can also read what other customers have to say about their products.

Reading Google reviews for CBD oil sellers in Halifax is the best way to make sure you’re buying quality.

Don’t Get Swayed By Price

CBD is so popular in Canada that countless stores are all competing with online sellers for customers. And there are plenty of sellers across Halifax as well.

While competition is healthy for any industry, it could create a negative habit of certain sellers having to lower their prices to compete with larger names.

The affordability factor is something that people always get swayed by. But since we’re talking about oil, affordability shouldn’t be the deciding factor when buying CBD oil.

Choosing affordability over quality is a mistake to avoid making. While many sellers do offer quality oil at a lower price, that isn’t the case with everyone. Dishonest sellers will look to take advantage of your spending habits by offering you affordable CBD oil.

Ask For A Certificate

With plenty of CBD to go around, it’s important to understand that CBD stores in Canada must be territorially-authorized cannabis retailers. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a license.

What this license does is allow you to manufacture or sell CBD products such as oils, edibles, vapes, etc.

You cannot be a licensed seller without it, and people will not trust you. And that’s exactly what you should check for before buying CBD oil in Halifax locally.

Make Sure You’re Buying Quality

There are a few ways to make sure the oil is good. For starters, you’ll need to look at the label of the product.

Every CBD product in Canada must have a label containing all the ingredients used in making of that product. Here you’ll learn plenty of useful things such as what each ingredient does, how it benefits you, and more.

But this is just one way to make sure you’re buying quality. Another way is to ask for 3rd party lab results. CBD sellers across Halifax and Canada are required by law to provide lab results for their oil, gummies, and every other product.

These results tell us all about the quality of the product. While it might be difficult to understand them, doing a bit of research on what each metric means will certainly help.

The last way to make sure you’re buying quality is to find out where the hemp plant is grown. Plenty of hemp farms source CBD to local stores. Hemp is the type of plant that most of Canada’s CBD is derived from, but it can also come from marijuana.

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If you want to buy high-quality oil, then you’ll need to look for hemp that is being grown on high-quality soil. Not every CBD oil product, unfortunately, contains information about the type of soil the hemp was grown. To find out where the hemp was grown and what type of soil it was grown on, you’ll need to talk to the store clerk.

Determine the Type of CBD You Want the Oil to Contain

There are three types of CBD that every product can contain. The most common and widely popular across Halifax and Canada is Full Spectrum CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD simply means that no cannabinoids, terpenes, or compounds are removed during the making of the oil. Many Canadians consider Full Spectrum CBD to be the best since every compound, terpene, and cannabinoid works symbiotically to provide each user with a better product. The symbiotic relationship between all compounds provides users with the Entourage Effect.

Broad Spectrum CBD is the next type. Unlike Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum CBD contains no THC. THC is the only compound that gets removed during the making of Broad Spectrum CBD. Canadians that don’t want THC in their oil can choose between Broad Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate.

And that puts us nicely to the last type, which is CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD. It is estimated that this type is 99.9% pure CBD. There are no other compounds, cannabinoids, or terpenes with this type. CBD Isolate undergoes a very different purification process that removes all other compounds. In the end, CBD Isolate is made into white powder or crystalline form. If you want the best of both world’s you can add back the terpenes to your CBD isolate with a strain-specific formulation.

Finishing Thoughts

Buying CBD oil locally in Halifax isn’t necessarily a hard thing to do, but familiarizing yourself with a couple of tips does indeed help. It helps in a way that it makes sure you’re buying quality. Quality is the only thing to focus on when it comes to CBD. And with plenty of shady businesses around, these 5 tips will help prevent making a mistake.

Halifax – City Guide to CBD Oil Dispensaries

Since Halifax is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia, finding CBD oil is is very straightforward. The main question isn’t if CBD oil is available in Halifax, but where to find the best CBD products in the city.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Halifax?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Halifax, just as it’s legal everywhere else in Canada. The federal government officially legalized cannabis for recreational use, and this includes CBD oil. It’s now possible to walk into a cannabis dispensary with just a photo ID and leave with a bottle of CBD.

Best Places to Find CBD Oil in Halifax

If you’re not in a huge hurry to get CBD oil when visiting, you might consider ordering your products online. There are dozens of CBD oil suppliers throughout the country who will ship to Halifax, no questions asked. Also, shopping in Halifax doesn’t offer as many choices as Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto. Just remember NSLC, they’re everywhere.

Luckily, there are a few options in Halifax that do not require online ordering. Simply walk into one of the cannabis retail dispensaries mentioned below and walk away with your CBD oil. Of course, you’ll need to prove that you are of legal age to consume cannabis in Nova Scotia – 19 years old – so don’t forget your ID.

This page was last updated March 14th, 2021.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation is the main source of cannabis in Nova Scotia. NSLC is the provincial corporation that controls the sales of both alcohol and recreational cannabis in Nova Scotia. It doesn’t necessarily offer the best prices since this is a government-run store, but it gets the job done. There are over 100 NSLC locations in the province selling alcohol and cannabis products such as North Star CBD.

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There are several NSLC locations within Halifax, but the 2 most-visited can be found at 650 Portland Avenue and 5540 Clyde Street. These are the most popular stores for a few reasons, including convenient location and widest selection of products. You can reach the Portland Ave store by calling 902-435-2416 and the Clyde St store at 902-423-6716. All NSLC stores have the same hours of operation: Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm and Sunday from 12 to 5 pm.

Hemp Heaven

Hemp Heaven is a variety store just north of Halifax that sells all things hemp. The opinions left by previous customers say it all, and Hemp Heaven has 4.8 stars out of nearly 100 reviews on Google. One reviewer, Mark, goes as far as to say “the Ladies at Hemp Heaven are hands down the Best! Been going there for years, Great Prices and Great Shop… Way better than any Mary Janes.”

The only issue is that Hemp Heaven is not actually located in Halifax, but it’s only a short 20-minute drive north. The store is located at 560 Sackville Drive in Lower Sackville. Before driving all the way out there or spending the money on an Uber, give the team at Hemp Heaven a call – 902-252-8653 – to see what’s in stock. Once that’s done, you can stop in anytime from Monday to Wednesday 10 am to 7 pm, Thursday and Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 12 to 4 pm.

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Farm Assists Medical Cannabis Resource Center

Farm Assists is a helpful resource for medical cannabis patients located in the heart of the city. “We strive to offer a wide range of dried cannabis, concentrates, and edible products at reasonable prices to best serve each member’s needs and treatment requirements,” says Farm Assists. “Our members can expect a strong quality standard is applied to all our products.”

Only members can purchase products from Farm Assists, but the process isn’t too difficult. You Call the medical team at Farm Assists at 902-266-4769, or drop in during business hours. The store is located at 2320 Gottingen Street and is open every day of the week from 9 am to 9 pm.

Hydrostone Bigbud

This cannabis store doesn’t always sell cannabis products to foreigners, but if you’re in the neighborhood it’s definitely worth a shot to stop in. Hydrostone Bigbud have a decent selection of vape products, including CBD vape juice.

You do, however, need a prescription for medical marijuana to shop here. If you’ve got one, you’re in the clear to purchase the store’s CBD oil products. You can stop by the store at 2863 Oxford Street but call ahead first to make sure they’re open. Some reviewers have complained about the posted hours not being correct, so call 902-454-2837 first. The online hours of operation are listed as Monday to Saturday from 1 to 10 pm and Sunday from 1 to 9 pm.

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Green Star Halifax

With all kinds of products on display, Green Star Halifax is a reliable CBD dispensary that specializes in online delivery. They pride themselves on providing the best possible service to their customers within the Halifax Regional Municipality.

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Delivery time ranges between 60 and 90 minutes upon placing your online order. With that said, you can visit their website at GreenStarHalifax.ca, or visit their cannabis store at 50 Bedford Hwy.

While the majority of their products are full of THC, they also have CBD balms, tinctures, and oil on display.

They’re open every day from 11 AM to 9 PM and you can also give them a call at +1 902-943-0032.

2411 Vape & Cannabis Accessories

With plenty of vaping products to choose from, 2411 Vape & Cannabis Accessories is a household vaporizer-store name in Halifax.

They work 6 days a week, excluding Sundays, from 9 AM to 9. Their website serves only as a place of information, while their store is located at 2411 Agricola Street. You can also give them a call at (902) 492-0070

While the name suggests that 2411 specializes in THC products, they also have plenty of CBD-infused juices that will get you going.

Recommended CBD Oil Suppliers That Ship to Halifax

The main drawback of buying CBD oil in a retail store is the inflated cost. In order to properly run the business, a cannabis dispensary has to make money. And in order to do that, the store has to charge more than the price offered by the manufacturer or wholesaler. It’s likely that you’ll be able to find a much better price on your favorite CBD oil product by shopping online.

The question is just whether or not you have time to wait around for the product to arrive. But if you do have time to wait, by all means, order your products from an online CBD oil supplier that ships to Halifax. Just be sure to do your research on which supplier is best in terms of product quality, customer service, and of course, cost.

Information About Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is a major business center of Canada, but it’s also filled with things to do for fun-seeking tourists. There’s a lot of history within the city, so after you’ve stocked up on your CBD oil, it’s time to hit the town.

These are the 10 things to do during your time in Nova Scotia’s capital:

  1. Admire the history of the Halifax Citadel
  2. Learn about Canadian immigration at Pier 21
  3. Take a walk along the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk
  4. Visit the famous Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse
  5. Stop and smell the roses at Halifax Public Gardens
  6. Take advantage of the cold weather by outdoor ice skating
  7. Explore the historic village of Fisherman’s Cove
  8. See Canada’s largest art collection at The Art Gallery of Halifax
  9. Take a day trip to McNabs Island
  10. Visit the original Alexander Keith’s Brewery

Final Thoughts

You’ll have no trouble finding CBD oil during your time here.

Before you head out shopping, make sure that you have your government-issued ID, even 2 separate forms of ID just to be safe. Even though CBD is 100% legal in Halifax, the rules are very strict on who can buy cannabis products. If you don’t have an ID, you won’t be buying CBD.


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