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We offer the highest-quality custom dropper bottles to ensure your product stays fresh & secure over its lifetime. Check out our custom packaging options! We’ve got some long term plans in the works on how we can improve our packaging to be even more sustainable, but until then, our tincture bottles are almost 100% recyclable! Tinctures for sale wholesale Bottles and Jars by the case

Tincture/Dropper Bottle

Tinctures are among the most conventional forms of cannabis products. Unlike CBD oils, a tincture uses high-proof alcohol both in the extraction and preservation processes. Tinctures are often blended with flavors or sweeteners to mask their bitterness.

People most commonly use CBD tinctures to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and pain. As the consumption of tinctures continues to increase globally, the demand for packaging is also growing.

Packaging for CBD tinctures typically involves a small glass bottle and a dropper. While this type of packaging seems simple at face value, superior quality is critical for protection, especially if the tincture sits for a lengthy period before consumption. At Innovative Packaging Co. (IPC), we offer the highest-quality tincture bottles to ensure your product stays fresh and secure over its lifetime.

Tincture Custom Packaging

Tincture jars or bottles typically come in opaque colors like amber, green, black, or blue for protection from potentially harmful light. Dropper pipettes, which dispense the tincture, and bottles usually consist of glass because some plastic can interact with the alcohol in a tincture. If you use the correct type of bottle, a tincture’s potency can last for many years.

Most droppers and caps have safety features that are tamper-proof and child-resistant. Depending on the style and design, droppers can hold multiple doses per single squeeze. Some pipettes consist of measuring lines to indicate the amount of tincture they contain.

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Typical volume sizes for a tincture bottle can range anywhere from .5 up to 4 ounces. When businesses buy bottles and droppers in bulk, several hundred usually come packed inside a master carton.

Dropper Bottle Custom Labels and Packaging

Whether you’re ordering dropper bottles for tinctures, oils, or other extracts, custom label designs may benefit your product. While laws regarding cannabis packaging vary from state to state, many are similar concerning displaying the bottle’s contents. Regardless of the specific graphic content, the design team at IPC is ready to help walk you through the entire printing process for tincture custom packaging.

Besides displaying the contents, the most significant advantage of custom tincture labels and packaging is setting your product apart from your competition. Your company’s logo or message can often be the determining factor of which tincture a consumer buys. An influential label will usually result in improved brand awareness and increased sales.

Once you’ve decided on the type of bottle you require for your product, IPC can help you design an overpack carton to package them. From wholesale stock options to multicolor custom runs, IPC has the perfect solution for your needs.

We can also supply a custom-printed leaflet to slip into your overpack if you want to share additional information about your product with consumers.

Contact IPC for Your Tincture Bottle Needs Today

With many decades of packaging experience, the team at IPC understands the care and precision required for packaging, especially with a delicate product like CBD tinctures. Whether you need a wholesale stock option or a customized package, we can help you develop the perfect solution. Contact us online, call us at (877) 613-4782, or request a quote to learn more about our products and services.

How To Recycle Your CBD Bottles

We have a lot of love for Mother Earth. From working with a small organic farm, to updating our shipping materials to a more sustainable option (coming soon!), we factor the environment into every business decision.

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We’ve got some long term plans in the works on how we can improve our packaging to be even more sustainable, but until then, did you know our tincture bottles are almost 100% recyclable in most residential and commercial recycling? Before recycling, make sure to wash your bottle and dropper well to remove any left behind oil, then follow the steps below to separate out the mixed materials in our bottles.

Gently (so the glass doesn’t break) wiggle the glass measuring part of the dropper to separate it from the lid. It should pop out cleanly. This part is 100% glass so it can be recycled wherever you recycle glass.

Give a good tug to the squishy part of the lid to remove it from the twist cap. This twist cap part is plastic and can be recycled where you recycle plastic bottles and containers, but the squishy part is made from rubber which is unfortunately not recyclable in traditional residential or city recycling.

We recommend utilizing Terracycle (for this, and all other items you’re not sure how to recycle!) for resources on how to recycle just about anything.

Peel the label off your bottle – it should come off easily, but if you need to, you can soak it in warm water to make it easier. Recycle the glass bottle where you’d recycle glass.

For the label, again we recommend Terracycle since it’s non-recyclable in traditional recycling systems.

Or you could always reuse your bottles!

Recycling is great, but reusing can be an even more sustainable option. Here are some ideas on how to reuse your bottles:

  1. They work great for storing liquid items in your toiletry bag when traveling like toner, eye makeup remover, and body oil.
  2. If you’re into DIYing your own products, they’re perfect for homemade face oils and serums.
  3. Use the glass bottom as a tiny bud vase.
  4. If you experiment in the kitchen, use them to store your homemade simple syrups and infused oils.
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Got a great reuse for our tincture bottles? Share them with us on social @rosebudcbd!

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