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Cannabis seed growshop in Spain

In Spain there is a great cannabis culture by several factors, the most important is perhaps its southern neighbor, Morocco, the largest producer of hashish in the world. This detail has facilitated the consumption of cannabis and the growth of growshops with cannabis seeds in Spain for many decades. Another reason is the good climate for outdoor cultivation, from all over Europe, Spain is considered the vegetable garden of the entire continent, mainly vegetables and fruits, but lately the cultivation of marijuana has multiplied in this country as well.

In this country cannabis plants are cultivated outdoors for many years, at first they sowed hulled hemp seeds that came out from the weed that they smoked, but at the end of the 80’s many Spaniards began to buy marijuana seeds in Holland. Amsterdam has always been a reference for the smokers of this nation, who began to travel massively in the nineties to taste the trendy varieties, and at the same time acquire indica and sativa seeds to cultivate in Spain, such as Bubble Gum or Jack Herer among others.

Later, around 1998, the movement Grow shop was born in the Spanish state, with the appearance of the magazine Hemp and the opening of the first grow shops with seeds of marijuana to sale in Spanish territory. Soon after, Spanish-speaking cannabis forums appeared online, with and as the highest standards. All these factors caused a quarry of marijuana breeders and seed producers to emerge in this country.

Cannabis seeds created in Spain

At the beginning of the new millennium, the first regular seed banks of weed, Cannabiogen, Asturjaya, ACE seeds and Good House, among others, were pioneers in the sector.

Spain is a world leader in the production of feminized, autoflowering and medicinal seeds rich in CBD, but not the regular ones, in this category the USA is the main producer. Female cannabis seeds were not invented by Spaniards, but the STS (silver thiosulphate) method created by Mohan Ram was improved in this country on the Iberian Peninsula.

Between 2005 and 2015, many seed banks of feminized varieties, both photodependent and automatic flowering, emerged in this nation. Dinafem was the first, but then it was followed for other major brands in the sector such as Sweet seeds, Medical seeds, Positronics, Eva seeds, etc.

How to buy seeds to grow marijuana in Spain?

In Pevgrow this step is very simple, as we have the best search engine for cannabis seeds in the network, with which you can choose the genetics that you like filtering by characteristics such as effect, taste or genetics of the seeds.

Also if you have doubts choosing marijuana seeds to plant in Spain, in our online Grow shop you have free advice without commitment, and if this were not enough we have prepared some recommendations of cannabis strains, based on the specific climate of each Spanish region, trying to adjust the search for the variety that best suits the needs of your area.

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What are the best marijuana seeds for Spain?

Spaniards are lucky to have a wonderful climate to grow and bloom Indica varieties, hybrids and sativas not too tardy, especially in the south and the Mediterranean coast, where they can harvest marijuana plants even until the month of December. In other regions such as the north or high mountain areas they can not use sativas, because in these places the cold and rain comes earlier. If you are not sure of being able to cultivate certain genetic cannabis in your zone of Spain do not worry, we have compiled some recommendations so that you have it clear before buying the seeds for your Spanish outdoor culture of marijuana.

If you prefer automatic varieties you are lucky, since in Spanish soil you can obtain several autoflowering outdoor crops during the same year.

You can also combine photodependent plants with auto genetics during the same growing season, many growers germinate automatic strains when spring arrives, at the same time that they put the normal flowering ones, so they can harvest the autoflowering ones in summer, while the normal plants grow.

This country has several microclimates, and they don’t look much like each other, but all of them can be cultivated with sunlight. We have created a map with many of the cities or provinces that are part of it, to help you decide the strains of cannabis that best suit the needs of your region. If you find your city or click on the province where you live you can access to much more detailed information about the best marijuana seeds for your specific area in Spain.

How can I pay for cannabis seeds in Spain?

Pevgrow makes it easy for you to buy marijuana seeds both inside and outside Spain, giving you the chance to choose between different forms of payment, so that you can choose the way to pay the weed seeds that you like the most:

Cash on delivery, paying the messenger.

-With a credit or debit card, one of the safest methods of paying for seeds and other products to grow marijuana.

-By bank transfer, with reference number of the order.

-Payment in cash, introducing the money of the order in an envelope with the order number.

-In a cashier of La Caixa Bank, valid only in Spain.

-With Bitcoins, if you do not know how to proceed to pay for cannabis seeds with Bitcoins look at this page and you’ll have everything clarified.

Come on, you don’t have any excuses anymore for not getting the best cannabis genetics.

Kaya Spain Quality

Kaya Spain Quality (KSQ) is a Chilean cannabis seed bank founded by Spaniards. Through years of hard work and expeditions, always in search of new unknown genetics around the world, the KSQ team has been able to assemble a remarkable assortment of potent and stable strains. Their travels have taken them across the most diverse lands and mountainous regions of the globe.

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This seed bank focuses on developing stable marijuana genetics according to different traits. While their product range is indeed not too extensive, the few are exciting enough to still be a very interesting option with some truly amazing cannabis strains.

Kaya Spain Quality suitable for almost all growing areas

All KSQ cannabis seeds are extensively tested under different conditions and climates. As a result, you get long-lasting proven quality with good harvest results. Almost needless to say that accordingly all cannabis strains from Kaya Spain Quality are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Cannabis Seeds

We are Experiencia Natural, the specialized marijuana seeds online store since 2001, here is where you can buy Cannabis seeds in original package or in capsule.

Buy regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds quickly and safely. We have more than 1.000 strains in stock from the main Dutch, Spanish, American and many other seedbanks around the world. Our guarantee commitment includes always fresh seeds, preserved under strict organic preservation rules.

Within our entire catalogue you can find the best reputation marijuana seedbanks within the market, always at the best price. We do not want to sell what we would not buy, so we only work with the best producers which are environment conscious. If we make a mistake, we remove the product from our store as soon as possible. In the select categorie we highlight those strains that have a specific use, for example, very productive marijuana or medical marijuana and many more. In this way we want to make your shopping experience simple and effective at the same time.

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Published on: 01/03/2022

The information and techniques contained in this article are of a theoretical and informative nature, they don’t mean in any case that you can have or grow marijuana. Inform yourself before acting.

Published on: 01/03/2022

The information and techniques contained in this article are of a theoretical and informative nature, they don’t mean in any case that you can have or grow marijuana. Inform yourself before acting.

Published on: 12/21/2021

The information and techniques contained in this article are of a theoretical and informative nature, they don’t mean in any case that you can have or grow marijuana. Inform yourself before acting.

Find the seeds you are looking for from more than 1000 different strains

Stop looking around in websites where you don’t know how to really find what you’re looking for. Here in Experiencia Natural Grow Shop we help you navigate through the extensive catalogue of useful products that we have prepared for you. Enjoy our powerful search engine if you want to reach a specific Cannabis strain or feature, try searching for the word lemon to see those strains with that flavor or aroma.

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Browse the categories to reach the best seedbanks, know the latest specials or best-selling products, enter Selected to be recommended more specifically according to what you’re looking for. Once you be inside of a marijuana seeds category, you have filters at your disposal, to refine your search and to find your perfect strain in a matter of seconds.

From our online store besides being able to buy cannabis seeds from the best seedbanks, more than 1000 different strains among feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds and regular seeds, you can also purchase products for home agriculture and paraphernalia. In the Cultivation and Paraphernalia sections you will find all the products we have for sale both in our physical store and in our online store. In Experiencia Natural we help you to navigate by the extensive catalogue of useful products that we have prepared for teh Cannabis friends, ask us if you have doubts!

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