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cannabis seed finder

You also can have a look onto our alphabetical list of strains, or view only autoflowering varieties – or the clone-only ones.

Our extremely detailed strain-search-function enables you to research for certain characteristics such as flowering time, heritage or availability.
Into our Cannabis-Gallery you can find strain-related pictures. They are sorted by in- and outdoor plants and also by the flowering-time.

16220 of the listed strains are from 902 known breeders – connected and expanded with 99 pure local breeds. You also can find 137 clone-only strains and last but not least 557 various unknown or legendary varieties.
Lots of more options and stuff are available at the SeedFinder, browse around – you will find it! For example:
Into our SeedShop-Radar you will find actual reduced strains or offers separately, we monitor only serious shops – a good place to grab a bargain! You also can use the search to find strains by commercial availibility and prices.
SeedFinder uses its own ecophysiological climate specificiation system. Together with our database for historical weather data we can provide very detailed climate zones and weather data even for your area! In combination with our reviews we are able to provide specific strains and detailed info for this zones.
The winners of the most important cannabis-cups are connected with our cannabis database. Check out the best rated and most famous strains worldwide! collects and standardizes information about thousands of cannabis varieties. We offer an interface for cannabis breeders, seedbanks, cultivation and hemp-forums, communities, growers and cannabis-enthusiasts all around the world. With the help of our SeedFinder-System – especially made for this purposes – we are able to collect all important information about individual strains in a compact and searchable way. We enable you to find the tips and tricks for cultivation and growth who are scattered all around the web or to find pictures, profiles and opinions. Help us to expand and advance the single strain-descriptions with your knowledge. Important: The SeedFinder is not a shop , we do not sell any cannabis seed and are not addicted to a breeder or shop.

SeedFinder › What you seed is what you get! Welcome to collects and standardizes information about thousands of cannabis varieties. We offer an interface for