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Ruderalis Indica Sensi Seeds

The cannabis seeds of the Ruderalis Indica grow into a plant that satisfies your every wish. Also when you would not describe the climate you live in as being really summery, the Ruderalis Indica is perfectly suitable.

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Data sheet of the seed Ruderalis Indica

Gender Regular
Type of flowering Photoperiod
Yield Medium
Height Short
Flowering time 6 – 7 weeks
Variety Pure Indica

More info about this cannabis seed

Ruderalis Indica regular

Ruderalis Indica® cannabis seeds

There are several reasons you can think of why you should grow the cannabis seeds of the Ruderalis Indica. This type has a number of elements that can convince the demanding grower of the fact that it is a good idea to buy the weed seeds of this indica developed by Sensi Seeds. For example, are you a person who prefers a type of cannabis with quite a high Cannabidiol content (CBD), but at the same time a not too excessive THC content? The cannabis seeds of the Ruderalis Indica grow into a plant that satisfies your every wish. Also when you would not describe the climate you live in as being really summery, the Ruderalis Indica is perfectly suitable. This plant just deserves paying a bit of attention to the indestructible qualities of this type of weed seeds.

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So, what is it that makes the characteristics of these cannabis seeds so spectacular? Especially their adaptability. It is therefore not surprising that the weed seeds of the Cannabis Ruderalis germinate in the wild in, for example, Eastern Europe and grow into sizeable plants; they are not bothered by the cold. Even when the seeds are exposed to temperatures below zero for a long period of time, you may still expect a beautiful harvest. The Ruderalis Indica has the same qualities, but with an indica touch. Obviously you, as a grower, will not deliberately throw your cannabis seeds into the freezer, but the robustness of the weed seeds mainly shows that there is practically nothing you can do wrong. A planter, a bit of nutrition and some potting soil are enough to have to the plants grow from germinating seedling into a full-blown plant within approximately 11 weeks. On top of that, the Ruderalis Indica by Sensi Seeds is for 50 percent Automatic (Autoflowering) which means that half of the plants go through a flowering cycle, independent of the amount of light to which the plant is exposed.

Ruderalis Indica Regular Seeds – 10

Ruderalis Indica is a semi-autoflowering, 90% indica cannabis strain that is adapted to harsh climate conditions. In fact it prefers a cold climate much more than a warm, humid one. Crossing the ruderalis with psychoactive indica plants increases the levels of THC.

Ruderalis Indica plants will be auto-flowering in about 50% of cases with the others being triggered into flowering by the shortening daylight hours. It is an absolute breeze to grow even for the most inexperienced of people. The ruderalis component was sourced from wild plants near the Russian border. Ruderalis Indica is a compact plant that grows in a Christmas tree-like pattern and has very low odour which is advantageous if growing either near neighbours or indoors. It will be ready to harvest during September in northern latitudes.

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THC production is rather lower than the average hybrid marijuana strain and it also has elevated levels of CBD. This makes it a potentially useful plant for medicinal usage as it provides a gentle high without being overpowering with the CBD providing healing relaxation.

Siberian Ruderalis

This Siberian Ruderalis is a giant and vigorous autoflowering variety with good trichome production. The villagers near Lake Chebarkul have been using these semi-wild plants for making some incredibly flavorful, high CBD Charas.

This Siberian Ruderalis variety can thrive in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. It shows great vigor, hardiness and extreme flowering speed. Furthermore, the autoflowering gene allows these landrace plants to grow in places where most cannabis strains wouldn’t stand a chance.

This Cherbakul landrace strain is likely to be the result of a past hybridization between the landraces originating from nearby Kazakhstan and the local Ruderal variety. This would explain the pungent citrusy smell, high trichome production as well as the mild psychoactivity of most phenotypes.

Central Asia is likely to be the place were cannabis was domesticated for the very first time, over 14 000 years ago.

These seeds are the result of 4 generations of controlled open pollination. By decreasing the proportion of weak plants and hermaphrodites while preserving a high genetic diversity, we were able to adapt this strain to growing indoors.

XXL Autoflowering Strain

The plants automatically start flowering after only 2 to 3 weeks after germination. As the Siberian Ruderalis plants are flowering, they keep getting taller and taller until they reach 120 to 190 centimeters. That is why most indoor growers top them off a couple of times in order to keep their final height manageable. Towards the end of their flowering cycle, over 25% of the plants turn mauve/purple.

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Our friend “Guardian of the Lost Terps”, a member of the “Russian Landrace Bureau” handpicked the seeds (The first generation) directly at source.


The Siberian Ruderalis comes from a place where the winter is extremely cold (-21°C in January on average). Therefore, the seeds have a very thick, waterproof shell which allows them to only sprout in late spring when the winter is over. For that reason, cold treating or cracking/nicking the seeds is recommended. Soaking the seeds in water containing Aloe Vera gel and cracking them after the soak allows to achieve germination rates over 80%.

In this video tutorial you can learn how to do this process:

Note that each seed pack contains extra seeds so growers can practice the seed cracking method.

A Very Light Feeder

Not only are these plants vigorous but they need very little nutrients in order for them to thrive. Even less so than most landrace strains because they naturally grow in rocky soil. Therefore, these plants are extremely sensitive to nutrient burn and require a relatively poor soil to thrive. However, the plants can receive a mild nutrient solution in the second half of their life cycle.

The Siberian Ruderalis Landrace could be a precious asset to breeders looking to create hardy XXL autoflowering strains with a unique flavor.