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cannabis foliar spray

Cannabis foliar spray
Why would I foliar feed during flowering?
I’ve found some quality & low price sprayers:
If you need to foliar spray feed during flowering, you will be increasing the humidity levels quite significantly.
Foliar feeding essentially means that you spray nutrients directly onto the leaves of your plant. This provides nutrients via foliage rather than the roots.
If you’re treating pests or a fungal disease, this is their favorite hiding place so it’s important that you don’t miss it.
A few important things to note before you begin foliar feeding are:
This will avoid contaminating the plant’s resin with your nutrients, If left to contaminate the buds this can leave a harsh taste on your final smoke.
When you begin to apply the foliar feed to your plants, make sure that you spray the entire plant – in particular the underside of the leaves.
Well, there are many mixed opinions amongst growers when it comes to foliar spraying buds, some growers will absolutely reject the idea whilst a small number of growers have and continue to use this method.
Foliar Spray During Flowering? Should I Foliar Spray During Flowering? Foliar feeding is an excellent way to provide vital minerals and essential nutrients directly to your plants
Cannabis foliar spray
Foliar feeding cannot replace all other types of feeding, but it’s a great tool for cannabis growers to have on-hand, especially when plants exhibit signs of deficiency.
When to Use Foliar Spray
Protect your garden by first spraying one plant and see how it responds before you spray other plants that look ill. Note that the damaged leaves will not recover, but new growth will appear vibrant and strong, and aging leaves will appear more colorful.
Do you have any foliar feeding advice to share with other growers? Drop your tips, questions, or favorite products in the comments section below.
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Make a Proper Nutrient Solution
These stomata can absorb the nutrients at a rapid pace, faster than top dressing nutrients or liquid feeding. You can also easily isolate and treat specific plants in your garden that are showing deficiencies without having to feed your entire garden.
How to Foliar Spray Cannabis

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  • How to foliar feed your home garden

Foliar feeding is a process that can help plants absorb nutrients quickly. Learn all about how to foliar feed your cannabis plants to help them grow healthier.