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cannabis breeders

Cannabis breeders

This breeder used also to use the name “Reserva Privada” but have completely switched to just “DNA Genetics” these days.

Seeing a case like this is a huge reminder of why it’s so important to buy your seeds from a trusted seed source!
Politicians around the world are trying to decide whether removing penalties for cannabis will have a positive effect. We are at a critical turning point, and it could go either way.

But do these strain names bring to mind the image of peace-loving and laid-back growers and consumers which make up the majority of the cannabis community?
A geneticist from The Netherlands founded MSNL Seeds. They ship out of the UK and deliver worldwide. MSNL provides its version of popular strains. They’ve been in business since 1999 and started selling cannabis seeds online on their current domain in 2003. They have a relatively small selection of strains as they only carry their own genetics, but they consistently produce reliable, easy to grow plants with fire bud effects 🔥
So when it comes to auto-flowering strains, which breeders can you trust?
However, a lot of growers overlook one of the hidden gems on the website. Seedsman offers its versions of popular strains at reasonable prices. Seedsman works with breeders who have access to the best-of-the-best genetics available, and together, they create stabilized strains that grow well, yield well, and produce top-tier buds. Seedsman versions of strains often perform better than the $20/seed versions from more well-known breeders. If you’re not sure which breeder to use and want to get the best bang for your buck, I recommend starting here.
Ease of growing – General hardiness of strains

5.) Mephisto Genetics

Ever wonder which cannabis breeders you can trust? Learn about 5 established breeders which have won several awards and earned a great reputation over the years…