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candyland cannabis strain

Candyland cannabis strain

Ken Estes has a history of creating award winning hybrids, and the Candyland strain is his latest creation. It stems from two Grand Daddy Purp Collective classics – Bay Platinum Cookies and Ken’s Grand Daddy Purple (GDP).

As far as genetics are concerned, the Bay Platinum Cookies strain is a combination of the Bay 11 strain (an unknown Sativa) and a Platinum Cookies phenotype from the Bay Area. Combine this with the Ken’s GDP strain’s genetic lineage (Big Bud X Purple Urkle) and you have quite the cocktail.

“The delicate terpene profile created a sweet-tasting vapor that reminded me of pink lemonade.”

I came across this batch of the Candyland strain on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA. After being on the prowl for a good batch of this strain for months, I couldn’t be more excited to see it on the shelf.
Ken Estes is a cultivator and celebrated breeder. He is best known for developing the Granddaddy Purple strain, but he also has a number of clinics throughout the State of California. Ken was turned on …
Bred by Ken Estes, the Candyland strain (often referred to as Grandaddy Candyland) is one of the most popular hybrids to hit the California collective scene since the Girl Scout Cookies strain first came to light. Sure enough, they’re related.
With so much hybridization in the Candyland strain’s genetic lineage, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I have long been a fan of the Ken’s GDP strain, but I’ve yet to come across a batch of the Bay Platinum Cookies strain.
The Ken’s GDP strain is known for it’s berry flavor and pain relieving qualities. The Bay Platinum Cookies strain, on the other hand, is slightly different.

I began to feel my anxiety taper off after just a few minutes of medicating with this strain. I found this to be quite useful when medicating in the late afternoon, setting the table for a stress-free evening.

Candyland Strain: Bay Platinum Cookies X Ken’s GDP