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can you smoke the stems

Cannabis is a great way of soothing the angry digestive system. Using cannabis and its stems will prove to be effective in controlling and soothing cramps that problems with the digestive system can present.

  1. Digestive system problems can occur when marijuana stems are smoked. The taste is offensive, and the compound from the stalks that you inhale can cause you to experience some unwanted side effects. These side-effects can include abdominal pain vomiting and nausea.
  2. The amount of stems you would need to smoke to get any high is not even worth mentioning. The stems do not get you high, and the amount of smoke that you inhale into your lungs is dangerous. Your respiratory system reacts to the smoke by constricting your lungs. This is unfavorable for asthma sufferers.
  3. If migraines plague you stay away from smoking stems. A migraine will be intensified. Your headaches will be longer lasting.

There is however no need to throw away the stems of the cannabis plant. If you are mindful of never wasting anything, there are ways to include the stems of the plant, here is a suggestion for their use.

If you are going to use the stems for making your tea, decarboxylation is necessary. After the decarboxylation process, grind up your stems and put them in a teabag. This teabag mixed with your hot chocolate is a delicious way to use those marijuana stems.
Ingredients needed for a soothing cannabis tea.
Here is a nice soothing tea that you can make for yourself. You can use the stems from your plant to enhance the total effects of your infused tea.
Weed tea or as some refer to it as brew tea or steam tea, utilizes the stems. It can be used with your organic water for a flavor in the water. Another use for the stems of the plant is in the making of high-fat coconut infused oil.
Smoking weed stems is not a good idea. Below I have listed some of the reason for that statement.

Uses for marijuana stems

Smoking weed stems isn't a good idea. There is however no need to throw away the stems of the cannabis plant. If you're mindful of never wasting anything…

Can you smoke the stems

Thoroughly rub your fingers all over the stem being sure to get all the little bends. Rub your fingers together for a whisker of charas hash and save. Over time scissor scrapings, grinder cleanings and finger hash rubbings can accumulate into a substantial block of multiflavoured old-school finger-hash. The real test is leaving it alone in times of no green.

To make any kind of tincture you will need a healthy handful of stems that have not been rubbed for hash. Put 450 ml of water or milk in a small saucepan. Chop and add your stems and slowly bring to a gentle, but not bubbling boil, stirring continuously. This should be done for seven or eight minutes as the fluid needs to reduce. Strain out your stems and return to the pot and gentle flame.
Whiskeys, vodkas or tequilas that are 40% proof or more can all dissolve the resin of cannabis. Decant your chosen alcohol into a mason jar for easy adding of new and straining of old stems. By the time another handful of stems is ready to add the old ones have given up their treasures to the mix. This little project may take a few months and a few handfuls of stems for strengths to build.

As with kief, resin glands are more easily liberated when they are frozen. When you have enough stems to fill a blender you can make some bubble hash. Combine in equal parts cold water, ice and a proportion of your stems and blend until you have a fluffy green stem frappe. Repeat until all stems are mashed. After following the bubble hash recipe, but replacing stem for other green you will have a tasty little chunk of damp hash ready to dry and consume.
Keep your stem stash in the freezer. Chop or break your stems into small bits and store in a heavy plastic bag. Every time you add to your collection give it a good shake. Well frozen resin crystals easily break off surfaces when they are fully frozen. You will watch with patient excitement as a subtle layer of liberated kief accumulates in the bottom of the bag.
Blending recycled newspaper or office paper with cannabis stems makes a coarse, but interesting paper useful for making a number of items. The most challenging part to making paper is first making a deckle. This can be pantyhose stretched over a wire armature or old fly-wire screen stapled to a wooden frame. The idea is to have a flat permeable surface that will let the water in the pulp drain away.
The home grower can add major stalks and trunks as sources of fibres and hurds for the arts and crafts enthusiast. With the amount of medical and recreational cannabis produced globally there is probably enough for there to be a thriving cannabis fibre underground.
If you are not one of the many people who happily grind the stems up with their buds, then you have a nice stem collection. Stems themselves don’t produce resins, but they do collect residues from the flowers they carried and nurtured. Being cannabis, it makes sense that they must have some kinds of value and over time it is possible to assemble quite a collection.

In a blender combine equal amounts of stems and recycled paper. Add enough water for the mixture to move and blend freely. When the mix is a slurry with minimal bits left unpulverized pour out evenly onto the deckle. Gently shake and vibrate until the pulp is evenly spread. You will need a squeegee to get things even if you are going big. Leave to drain and dry. After 24 hrs, gently peel your paper away and hang to dry thoroughly. Trim to your needs.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your cannabis stems when all the flower material has been used?