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can you smoke sugar leaves

Can you smoke sugar leaves

If you’re one of them, here’s the ultimate guide to educate you on how to use sugar leaves.

For many growers, obtaining sugar leaves is the best part of harvesting cannabis buds. Partly, it’s because while you can always purchase buds in dispensaries, one cannot lay his hands on sugar leaves unless he personally grows cannabis plants. However, there are many growers that throw away sugar leaves because they don’t know what to do with them.
Collecting sugar leaves is as simple as harvesting the buds themselves. However, since sugar leaves are small, you’ll have to spend some extra time trimming them one by one. For this reason, many people let the sugar leaves stay on the buds and smoke or vaporize them along with the buds. Another point to note is that the amount of sugar leaves obtained per plant will be small.

Brownies – Making brownies with cannabis flowers is super easy. You can replace the blossoms with sugar leaves and the effect will almost be the same. But, if you want super potent brownies, use more flowers. For instance, if your recipe calls for 50 grams of flowers, use 50 grams of sugar leaves instead to produce a milder effect. For a stronger high, use 50 grams of buds plus 25 grams of sugar leaves.
Cannabutter – Cannabutter is one of the best ways of using cannabis. Not only is the effect far stronger than smoking cannabis (because edibles are ingested by the stomach lining) but it also lasts longer. To make some butter that’s mild, simply replace the buds with sugar leaves, but if you want a stronger effect, add at least half of the amount of the buds in the form of sugar leaves.
Kief is the powdery substance you usually find at the bottom of your grinder. It’s usually much more potent than your regular buds because it’s nothing but a collection of concentrated trichomes. Cannabis users love kief simply because it’s potent and requires a very small amount to produce the desired high.
Here’s a video on what happens if you smoke sugar leaves:
Teas – Many people use even fan leaves to make cannabis tea, but using sugar leaves will no doubt produce tea with a strong buzz. Don’t overdo it, though – and this applies to all edibles – because edibles are much stronger than smoking cannabis. To brew some tea, weigh and strain at least a gram of sugar leaves through a filter. Pour boiling water over the leaves and let it sit until the tea absorbs the elements of the sugar leaves. Some people add cannabutter or regular butter to their tea so that the cannabinoids bind well with the fat, but it’s not mandatory.

To make kief using sugar leaves, make sure that the leaves are dry before using them. It’s also going to work better if the leaves are brittle so that you can crush it better. Thus, you can store the leaves in the freezer as mentioned earlier.

For many growers, obtaining sugar leaves is the best part of harvesting cannabis buds. Partly, it’s because while you can always purchase buds in dispensa

Can you smoke sugar leaves

Should Growers Smoke Sugar Leaves?

If you leave sugar leaves on after harvest, it slows down the drying process, which may increase smell/flavor if you’re drying in a hot or dry environment.
Besides strain, what affects the amount of trichomes on the sugar leaves?

Sugar leaves are the small single-finger leaves that grow out of your cannabis buds during the flowering stage. They are called “sugar leaves” because these leaves are often covered in sparkly trichomes which look like a dusting of sugar.
There is a lot less potency in leaves compared to bud (which is full of THC and other cannabinoids all the way through).That means you need to smoke far more leaves than buds to get the same effects.
The plant matter from leaves is more “harsh” than the plant matter in buds, and may irritate the back of your throat while smoking if you don’t trim them off
Pros of Smoking Sugar Leaves
Cons of Smoking Sugar Leaves

If you’ve got a lot of sparkly leaves, buds may look prettier if you leave the sugar leaves on

Should you smoke the leaves or trim them off? It depends partly on strain, environment, and the size of your buds. It also depends on personal preference!