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can cranberry pills detox thc

Can cranberry pills detox thc

To see results, you must abstain from marijuana in all forms. You also need to take the cranberry juice in large quantities for more than three days to clean the system completely. Others believe that it may take more than two weeks to get a clean system. Still, there is no proof that it works within a particular timeline.

Generally, cranberry juice may help in the long run, because it increases the rate at which your body expels the drugs.
As cranberry juice works as a diuretic, the other components also aid waste removal. For the method to produce a false negative result, you need to get a high dosage of niacin and the other components. You need around 500 to 2000 mg of niacin daily. This also means that you would need gallons of water to drink with it and you also need weeks to get the right results before the screening.

  1. Stop smoking immediately: once you find out about the drug test, stop smoking. If you smoke regularly, this may be difficult, but it must be done to pass the test. Remember that THC remains in the system for a long time, so to get rid of it, you need to stay away from weed as long as possible.
  2. Find out the test type: a urine test is the most likely one used by most employers. And your best bet for passing this test is a detox kit. However, if it is a hair follicle test, you can get a detox shampoo. For saliva tests, some effective detox mouthwashes work as well.
  3. Follow the instructions: you cannot cut corners or you risk losing your job. Follow all the steps listed in the kit instruction. It may require careful time management, lots of water and urinating, but this must be done to increase your chance of passing.

Now that you know the quantity required to pass the drug test, what is the required amount of cranberry juice for that quantity? A 100 g bottle of cranberry juice contains only 0.04 g of niacin. This means that you must drink 500 g of cranberry juice per day.
This method doesn’t guarantee you a false negative result. A better option would be to consider replacing the urine with a non-user or synthetic urine. Some users may also choose to dilute their urine with other substances to tamper with the results. Sadly, some of these options are not foolproof. It may mean that you have to use several of them to increase your chances of passing the test. Most of these methods can be detected, and therefore are not safe to use. The only guaranteed method of passing urine drug test for a regular user involves using detox kits.
However, this doesn’t mean that cranberry juice doesn’t work. Some people may use it successfully, while others may not get the desired result. For example, if you take marijuana daily for a couple of years, this method is unlikely to work. You may need more than just cranberry juice to pass the drug test. Other people who are occasional users who have not had a joint in a while may stand a better chance of passing with cranberry juice.
Detox kits are marketed as total body detox packages or cleansers. They are available in health food stores and online stores. The kits come with detox pills, drink and sometimes home drug testing device.

No matter what option you choose to use to expel THC from your system, you must follow next important guidelines:

A lot of home remedies are recommended to pass a drug test and one of them is cranberry juice. Does it really help?

Can cranberry pills detox thc

Lots of detox myths can be found online and using cranberries is just another wives’ tale. Don’t fall for it!

Because THC, the psychoactive agent in marijuana, attaches to your fat cells and stays in the body for a minimum of 30 days if you are a normal weight and active person, there is no possibility that cranberry detoxing will remove any trace of marijuana from your system.
Cranberry, while it does not allow for E-coli bacteria to adhere to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract, has absolutely no effect on marijuana or marijuana metabolites in the urine.

Cranberries and cranberry juice contain several different antioxidants that are useful in helping to detox your body. Cranberry has also been long used as a home remedy for curing urinary tract infections.
Cranberry juice is usually made from a concentrate that has very little of the actual cranberry fruit in it. This limits the amount of benefit you will get from consuming the juice.
The easiest way to pass is by using Total Herbal Cleanse Detox, not cranberry juice. It will help you to pass a drug fast by targeting the body in a unique way.
Many people will fast while doing a cranberry detox method so that they are pushing the maximum amount of antioxidant, with no interference from other drinks or food, through their body.
Cranberry may help clean you out, but when it comes to THC and passing a drug screen it will not help that much. You should drink cranberry juice and take the supplements while detoxing from weed, however this alone will not be enough to pee clean for your test.

THC, metabolizes as your body processes the fats in your body. This means that there is a constant exit of marijuana metabolites that are leaving the body through urination.

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