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CBD has created a buzz in the market, earning worldwide preference amongst daily skincare regimens. Is it possible for CBD Topicals to help alleviate discomfort on an issue-by-issue basis? Let's say for the sake of this article, can CBD Topicals help with something like eye bags?


As we know, CBD is expanding its reach at every corner with its quality, new and efficient products. Many industries are targeting the use of Cannabidiol in new products. The increasing growth of CBD has evolved the beauty industry as well. It has become a natural as well as a most valuable source to maintain healthy skin.

Cannabis-based products like makeup kits, cleansers, and creams have increased in popularity among consumers. Because of this, many people are looking forward to utilizing CBD cream as an under-eye cream. Therefore, the question arises- Are they better than other under-eye creams? Are they effective? Is it safe to use as an under-eye cream?

We have brought all the information to clarify your doubts! However, there are some points to consider before employing CBD as an under-eye cream. One must explore the following know-hows about CBD Products in the beauty industry:


The revolution in the beauty industry began with CBD! How did we come across such an influential product? What is its actual definition? Cannabidiol is nature’s blessing, which comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Its capacity to treat various ailments seeks the attention of many researchers. Apart from being non-psychoactive, it fulfills many health desires due to the existence of unique health properties.


CBD has created a buzz in the market, earning worldwide preference amongst daily skincare regimens. The skincare industry has eased the process of utilizing CBD, and the cream form is a non-intoxicating product that offers healing properties and smoothens the skin. Emulsions and lotions are unique methods of Cannabidiol consumption that directly penetrate the skin. One gets relief from distress and inflammation with the help of CBD topicals. The utilization of these topicals as an under-eye cream provides the chance to overcome skin issues. It has soothing qualities that heal delicate skin areas. However, the query is: Should you employ CBD in under-eye creams? Do they exceed the benefit rate for our eyes?

Almost everyone suffers from dark circles, puffy eyes. Dehydration might be a reason behind these developments. Thus, Cannabidiol is the core solution for such challenges to protect our skin and prevent further damage. Most CBD cream is formulated in such a way that it can make the skin around your eyes much more healthy and firm.


CBD as an under-eye cream almost guarantees that most people could experience all the natural benefits without any offhand results. Let us discuss how CBD under eye cream improves our skin:

1. CBD cream can reduce eye puffiness and inflammation.

Dark circles, redness, eye puffiness are thought of worry for many people. Though many primary reasons lead to such consequences, the most likely symptom of such situations is the lack of sleep. An under-eye CBD cream can help to rejuvenate and heal the skin throughout the day. It will not let your skin experience pain and relaxes your restless eyes; It also calms your skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. By regularly using CBD Cream, you will get free from those horrible dark circles and puffy eyes.

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2. CBD Cream invests in younger skin .

As we know, antioxidant traits aim to excel in the healing capacity. CBD cream is quite powerful and acts as a dual booster covering the potency of both vitamin-C and vitamin-E. The antioxidative property of this cream combats and defends the free radicals. It anticipates and knits our skin from wrinkles and fine lines.

These skincare creams come with versatile ingredients like essential fatty acids that contribute to soft, plumpy skin and make one more youthful. Thus, a salve form can directly go inside the skin tissues. Our skin has a fascinating, absorptive nature that helps to regenerate nourishment in the skin.

3. CBD cream nourishes your skin and makes it firm .

Dryness can be irritating. Why does dryness occur? Seasonal changes(hot and humid temperature) are the prime cause of dry skin. CBD creams provide a considerable volume of moisture around the eyes. Thus, one can experience the restoration of hydration around the eyes. A little care with such topical products can make you free from troublesome creepy skin forever.

4. CBD cream can improve sleeping patterns

CBD cream application blooms external appearance without any compromise with internal health glow. One can experience better sleep by applying the cream under your eye. Insomnia or inadequate sleep is a severe disorder that has ruined the calm life of many people. Many people face nightmares and depressive tendencies due to lack of sleep. The proper utilization of cosmetics can cure such issues and help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The CBD eye cream is interactive with our body’s Endocannabinoid system and relaxes our eyes from any stress. Since scientific researchers have discovered the anti-anxiety property inside these creams, they can induce a healthy lifestyle free from tension. All you require is the application of cream under the eye, and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. Since it is effective and fast responsive, one can apply it at night for better sleep management.

5. CBD creams are hydrating.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, in conjunction with CBD, acts as a skin moisturizer. These creams are beneficial for everyone, irrespective of their skin type. The lack of moisture occurs due to the overproduction of sebum. Sebum is the secretion our body obtains from Sebaceous glands. Lack of sebum can make your skin sticky and oily. The greater the disbalance of sebum, the deeper it affects your skin. However, CBD cream tends to control oil production. They are non-comedogenic, and hence, it succeeds in providing appropriate moisture to the skin without clogging the pores.

Though CBD creams target multiple allergies and issues, the effects vary according to a person’s skin. Thus, one must consult a professional or skin specialist before practicing any cream at random. However, the Cannabidiol drug is suitable for most of the population and causes minimal harm.

As a precaution, one can do a patch test before utilizing any product on their skin under the eye. These creams act as a skin healer and moisturizer. Their anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties are a boon to the skin industry. One can experience not only medicinal but also beautifying benefits through CBD cream. It acts as an anti-aging agent. Issues under the eye like eye puffiness, dull skin, dark circles are curable through this cream. The anti-inflammatory property of these topicals makes them safe for use under the eye.

This article was written by Alexandra Doherty, blogger and health advocate.

As with anything you read on the internet, this article should not be construed as medical advice; please talk to your doctor or primary care provider before making any changes to your wellness routine.

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Can CBD Help Your Eye Bags?

Approximately 1 in every 7 Americans take some sort of CBD-rich product. In fact, according to the most recent Gallup poll, about 14% of the U.S. population uses CBD products daily. Since the 2018 Farm Bill made industrial hemp legal, and CBD is mainly extracted from hemp, we’ve seen the number of cannabidiol products skyrocket since then.

As we learn more about the potential CBD has and what benefits it might offer, we see more products formulated to help with something more specialized. The massive array of CBD Topicals, for example, aren’t formulated to alleviate discomfort universally; there are CBD topicals for feet and hands, very specific areas of the body, and even sheet masks for the face. The sheer variety can make it difficult to choose a product for your needs; and at the same time, it can also be a difficult situation differentiating between a plethora of brands all trying to sell the same things while remaining unique.

So what gives? Is it possible for CBD Topicals to help alleviate discomfort on an issue-by-issue basis? Let’s say for the sake of this article, can CBD Topicals help with something like eye bags?

what causes bags under the eyes?

First of all, what causes the dreaded eye bags or puffy eyes we dread seeing when we wake up in the morning? There’s like not just one reason, so we’ll touch on the most common causes as follows:

  • Genetics
  • Inflammation
  • Dehydration
  • Aging, in general
  • Sinuses and allergies
  • Fluid retention from too much sodium in your diet
  • Stress and/or anxiety
  • Lack of genuine rest or regular sleep

If you’re not sure exactly what’s causing your bags, it be a combination of these causes that you can discover through some observation. Keeping a sleep journal to notate how much sleep you got or when you were struggling to sleep is an excellent start. Turn it into a good diary too while you’re at it as this will also keep track of what you are consuming to see if food proves to be the culprit.

It can be a huge struggle trying to figure our the root to your eye bags – fortunately, there’s potential that CBD may be able to help no matter the initial cause.

how do cbd topicals work?

Before we can answer if CBD topicals help with eye bags, we first have to look at how CBD topicals work! The human body (and most other mammals) has what’s known as the endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

Making up the ECS are the endocannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, that are placed across different areas in the body. The ECS also contains endocannabinoids that utilize both these receptors and enzymes. In the 1990s, we identified the ECS as a complex cell-signaling system because of the role these CB receptors seem to have.

CBD is almost identical, on a molecular level, to the endocannabinoids we naturally produce; so when these endocannabinoids bind to receptors throughout the body, its effects largely vary depending on where the receptors are located throughout the body. For example, by interacting with the CB2 receptors in your immune system, it triggers a natural response for other receptors in the body to better regulate inflammation.

So how to CBD Topicals work? Well, there just happens to be CB1 receptors all across the skin. On the epidermal layer of the body, it’s easy to see that cannabinoids that interact with these receptors would cause different results.

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CBD creams and other topicals are useful alternatives to products that contain THC, as well as over-the-counter steroid-based topicals that provide more temporarily relief at the expense of elasticity and melatonin production that would otherwise retain the healthy aspects of the skin. Becoming more popular among a group of aging CBD users, topicals are often used for everything from inflammation to joint pain.

can cbd topicals help with eye bags?

Now that we know a little more detail about how CBD Topicals work, we can answer the more pressing question on everyone’s minds – is it going to help with bags under the eyes? In short, yes, but there are some things to keep in mind. CBD Topicals may help with eye bags and puffy eyes, but not every CBD Topical is the same.

In fact, CBD can come in many different forms, including salves, balms, gels, patches, lotions, creams, ointments, and even a pure oil form. Most of these forms are easily absorbed when applied to an affected area directly; however some forms are easier to absorb than others.

Furthermore, relief is rarely immediate. Depending on the severity of your discomfort, frequency of use and dose amount vary the efficacy of the product, ranging between 1 and 48 hours before feeling said desired relief. Consistent and regular dosing is recommended here as to best avoid the long wait before its effects are felt.

Consistent, regular use on an as-needed basis throughout the day is what most users find Topicals to perform at its best. Thanks to CBD’s inherent abilities to act as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, using this to treat localized discomfort works a whole lot better than a Tincture or Gummies would. So try it out!

the other ingredients involved

It’s not just CBD that’s making the topical effective for your puffy eyes. The efficacy of the product depends greatly on what other active ingredients are formulated with it. While CBD has its own beneficial and medicinal properties, the hemp plant contains over 400+ other cannabinoids, some of which carry their own benefits.

Outside of hemp, your skin needs other vitamins and nutrients to keep it at its best. Once again, this is where Envy’s CBD Topicals shine. In addition to our Full Plant Extract CBD containing all the necessary cannabinoids to ensure ultimate comfort, each of our products also possess its own collection of emollients all geared towards softening and restoring your skin back to its natural beauty.

For the purposes of eye bags and other aesthetically-centric facial issues, just our Face Cream alone possesses the following:

  • Organic Aloe Vera. Anti-inflammatory agent
  • Vitamin E.Protection against free radicals
  • Vitamin C.Increases collagen production
  • Vitamin B5.Softens skin
  • Avocado Oil.Moisturizes dry skin

Carefully selected, each of these additional, natural ingredients play a role in the reduction of your puffy eyes. They either help with inflammation, maintaining the reduction of puffiness, moisturizing of the skin, or a combination of all three.

the bottom line

When it comes to eye bags, puffy eyes, or any aesthetically compromising issue your face or overall skin experiences, look to CBD Topicals as an alternative to finding relief. While CBD Tincture oils and Gummies may provide total, whole-body relief over a period of time, applying CBD and its vitamin-rich emollient mixtures directly to the affected area has its benefits.

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