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can a female plant turn male

It most certainly can, and some people swear by it, but the problem is that it should be completed while the plant is in it’s youngest stages, so to be successful, you likely won’t end up with very many clones.

The truth is that there is no guaranteed way to turn a male cannabis plant into a thick and healthy female, and this is for a few reasons. The first is that most marijuana plants that are assumed to be male are actually hermaphrodites, so it’s impossible to tell true males from the rest. The second is that sex of the plant is ultimately determined by its genetics, which is written in stone long before you even begin the germinating process. So no, there is no way to make a male plant female truly, but there are methods that can be used to force a male plant display female-like quality.
What does this technique do?

Sprinkle the ethylene overtop of the branches of the plant, focusing your attention on the leaves and stem joints.
Can this technique be performed on a male marijuana plant clone?
The most critical thing to consider before trying this technique for yourself is that it will require using chemicals that can be harmful to both pets and people, so it is vital that the plants can be kept away from anyone and anything who might accidentally touch or consume some of the additives. Once you have a safe spot selected, you can begin the process, but it does require the application to be at a particular stage of growth, so it is no good for older already established plants.
The goal of the method that is described here is to trick the cannabis plant into believing that it is a female. Think of the anatomy of a marijuana plant as you would with humans. People will often take hormone specific supplements like testosterone and estrogen to trick the body into displaying the physical characteristics of the opposite sex.
The difference between male and female marijuana plants

Would this method have the same results if it was performed on a female cannabis plant?

Those who grow marijuana will often dispose of male plants, but what if there was a way that you could save them?