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calcium deficiency cannabis

Calcium deficiency cannabis

Like many nutrient deficiencies in a cannabis plant, calcium deficiency can look like many things. This is because calcium helps control the way food moves around the plant. Pay attention to the leaves in the middle and at the bottom of the plant for changes.

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Bury some high calcium food, around a foot under your seedling or young plant before planting. A couple of fish heads will work great. This will give the plant the food it needs when the roots grow big enough to reach it. It also will have been broken down by the microbes, so it’s available to your plant when it is needed.

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If you have any questions about calcium deficiency in a cannabis plant, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum

  • 1: Your medium does not have enough calcium in it that is available to your plant.
  • 2: The PH of your medium is off, and needs restoring so Calcium is within the correct range.

In this guide we will cover how to diagnose a calcium deficiency correctly, and how to fix the problem. Many growers will rush to assume a cannabis plant problem is calcium deficiency. Don’t rush, make sure you’re right in your diagnosis, so you can treat the plant for the issues it is having.

Time will be needed for the microbes in the medium to break the nutrients down and make them available to the plant. It is better to try and offer the plant more calcium as they get older.

Calcium deficiency in a cannabis plant will affect the uptake of nutrients. Diagnose a cannabis plant problem, and get help in our cannabis growers forum

Calcium deficiency cannabis

Identifying calcium deficiency in cannabis plants

Ca deficiency in lower and older leaves of the plant
In this circumstance, you will have to change the nutrient solution of the tank.

In this case, this extra supply is important so, on the one hand, plants can reduce any kind of stress during the entire crop, and on the other hand we’ll harvest the best possible quality and quantity of buds. For these cases you can use Aptus Regulator during the entire crop, reducing the water needs of the plant to up to a 30% while making them more resistant to dehydration caused by high temperatures or periods of drought.
The role of calcium in cannabis plants
In these cases, we must check that the calcium intake of cannabis plants is correct to prevent deficiencies in the early stages. Many of the fertilisers that we can find on the market have calcium, but sometimes it isn’t enough to avoid deficiencies, particularly if you are using reverse osmosis water, which doesn’t contain nutrients.
Serious Ca deficiency
Calcium is an element that is directly related to the transpiration of plants. This transpiration control comes, in essence, from the roots and the stomata, which are located on the leaves. It can happen that the stomata are closed by an excess of heat, causing a superficial burn which could be confused with a symptom of calcium deficiency.

It should also be noted that, with a deficiency of this element, plants are always more susceptible to heat stress given that calcium contributes in the protein creation, which make plants more resistant to high temperatures.

In this post we show you how to identify calcium deficiency in your plants. This nutrient imbalance is difficult to detect, so you must pay close atte