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buying weed dc

Buying weed dc

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For medicinal purposes too
I sent an email and got a call from a guy named Mark (not pictured) shortly afterward. He told me that the delivery fee for anything was $100, which was out of my range. When I asked about coming by their store, he told me that Pink Fox doesn’t have storefronts. He said the service uses one of three Metro stations in town to meet customers: L’Enfant Plaza, Waterfront station and Federal Center SW.

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Smokable and edible too
In 2014, D.C. residents voted to legalize the recreational use of weed by a vote of 67 percent. Medicinal weed had previously been approved.
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But among the most popular ways to get weed is to acquire it when you buy other items, such as artwork, juice or apparel. Just buy the item, and they’ll throw in a couple of buds or edibles as a “thank you” or “bonus” for purchasing their product. Remember, gifting weed to someone above the age of 21 is perfectly legal in D.C.

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How I bought legal weed in Washington, D.C. (commentary) How I bought legal weed in Washington, D.C. Tom Wrobleski | [email protected] Shouldn’t be difficult, right?

Buying weed dc

  1. Street Lawyer Services: Street Lawyer Services is one of the best smoke shops in DC. A California style dispensary, right on H street! They have so many strains available. And if you really want to save make sure you bring in the 420DC deal to get a free preroll & 10% off!
  2. Lifted DC: Conveniently located on Georgia Avenue @ Listen Vision Studios. They have a large menu of premium flower & edibles. And when you show the 420DC deal you get a free preroll.
  3. Funky Piece: They have some of the best quality bongs on the market. They sell a variety of accessories as well as gifts from their location in Adams Morgan.

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  1. Exotic Blooms is one of the best delivery services with top quality products and fast delivery. If you need anything exotic make sure you call Exotic blooms. Right now you get a free preroll when you mention 420DC.
  2. District Connect Has one of the largest cannabis gift selections, including a flower, concentrates, vapes, and edibles. Tell them 420DC sent you and you get a free gift!
  3. Cannabear: They are one of the most professional and established brands in DC. With a large menu of premium flower, concentrates & edibles you cant go wrong. But they actually specialize in making their own cape carts with organic oil. And right now you can get 1 free when you buy 2.

There are many delivery services that you can find here, or you can see our favorite weed delivery services here. Here are the top 3 best cannabis delivery services in DC based on user reviews.
Finding good weed in DC is all about knowing where to look. Luckily, you have 420DC on your side to help you choose between listed weed delivery services and smoke shops. We’re the number one cannabis listing and directory site serving the DC area. Delivery services, pop up events, and smoke shops found on our website are all verified legitimate, so be sure to start here on your journey to finding cannabis in DC. Below, you’ll learn how to find weed in DC.
Shopping is a great way to get a better idea of the quality you’ll receive for your free cannabis gift. It also gives you the opportunity to buy local products like apparel and art from small businesses. You can find just about anything by shopping at stores that offer cannabis gifts, including everything from scented candles to stickers and more.
There are still rules, though. For one thing, it’s illegal to possess any amount of cannabis under the age of 21. You’re not allowed to smoke anywhere in public and are limited to consuming cannabis on private property. You can’t sell weed directly, or drive while under the influence. It’s also illegal to possess more than 2 ounces at a time.

CBD is also plentiful in DC. If you’re not looking for recreational cannabis, you can also utilize 420DC to help you find hemp and CBD products instead. Just be sure to check the “CBD” box on your delivery or smoke shop search!

If you are new to D.C. and you are looking for weed in a hurry then you found the right guide. Learn how to get what you need safely and easily.