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buying rose seeds

Buying rose seeds

I know this is a few years out of date, but I’m looking for rose seeds, too. I bought some once about 12 years ago but don’t know where I got them. Most turned out to be singles and small (the packet said they would be) but I did get a few small doubles. Unfortunately We’ve moved in the meantime. I hesitate to order any from Amazon or anywhere else on the internet that I don’t recognize the name, but I would like to try again and I know it’s doable. Picture included.

We will be planting grass seed/need border design help.
If you already grow roses and you want to raise some from seed, look no further than your own garden. Stop cutting off spent flowers and allow them to set hips. I’m sure you probably have neighbors who would LOVE to have YOU dead head their roses and collect the seeds. Is there a public garden near you? It might be worth a visit to inquire if they would allow you to collect any hips they miss, too. Volunteering at that garden, or local nurseries can also help you to increase your rose seed collection. When you buy them from on line sources, there is no way to know what is going to come up once planted (IF anything). Search the threads here, one person planted “rose seeds” they bought and got radishes, which are probably better bargains than the rose seeds might have been.

I’ve been in a rose club for many years and don’t know anyone who buys rose seeds.
In Fla. west coast – Where can I buy seeds for Jasminum officinale
Contact your local rose societies, as has been suggested, and ask if you may have some from their gardens. Contact campanula here on Garden Web Rose Forums. She’s in England and QUITE resourceful. She can surely either give you great advice or share some of her rose hips. She has a very eclectic taste and sensibilities so you’re sure to have a very interesting and wide selection of neat things to grow. There are many ways to come up with what you seek without supporting the online sources which seem to be somewhat less than honorable in this regard. Kim
I did want to mention that, of course, roses are grown from seed, even though you don’t know what they will be like.
(Not an endorsement, I’ve never tried it, just aware of this catalog offering.)

Suzanne, the seed packet at this site looks familiar. I think that may be what got before. Thanks!

Hi all Where is the best place I can buy rose seeds and what sort of price can I expect to pay for them. Also any info on growing would be great. [email protected] Thanks