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buy weed boston

Cost: $30 for a 4-ounce bottle of lotion

While these products are discreet and can be yummy, they can also be quite easy to overdo. By law, each package must contain a total of no more than 100 milligrams of THC, portioned into 5 milligram serving sizes. For example, a chocolate bar can contain 20 5-milligram squares. While not a large dose, 5 milligrams still may be too much for beginners. I suggest that beginners eat half an edible to start. Note that edibles can take 45 minutes to two hours to take effect, and how they affect you can depend on what you’ve eaten recently, how much you ate, and your body weight. I can’t stress this enough: Taking too much feels awful — the room may spin, your ears could ring, and you may suffer terrible anxiety, among other scary symptoms. Worse yet, the high can last for hours. Take the advice of Dr. Peter Grinspoon, a cannabis specialist and primary care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital: “Edibles are for experts, not for novices.”
1. If you already know what you want, order online for pickup when you arrive.

Topical Salves and Creams
It’s probably a combination of all the funny stoner movies I saw growing up, the “just say no” classes we were forced to sit through, and the possession busts I’d seen, but a part of me couldn’t believe they were selling pot in a store, all nonchalantly, as if it were sweaters and jeans. The guy behind the counter smiled over a glass-cased shelf of green buds and some other mysterious-looking products that I couldn’t identify but assumed were some exotic forms of marijuana.
Often called vapes or vape pens, they are one of the most popular delivery methods, typically used with a concentrated oil that comes in varying strengths (ask your budtender to help you pick the strength that’s right for you). Vapes have the benefit of being discreet, emitting a relatively weak wisp of vapor and a mild smell that fades quickly. When vaping, it takes just a few seconds to experience the effect, and it feels less harsh on the throat and lungs than smoking flower.
Cost: $50 for an “eighth,” or one-eighth of an ounce, or seven half-gram joints
If you’ve never bought legal pot, visiting one of Massachusetts’s 22 recreational cannabis stores for the first time can feel surreal and pretty cool, but also maybe a little intimidating.

Cost: $50 per gram

Curious about legal weed but feeling a little intimidated about visiting a retail outlet? Our handy guide answers all of your questions so you can stock up with confidence.

Buy weed boston

We wanted to mention Berklee because the campus is full of students who are always willing to give a good recommendation. But, finding weed on a college campus can be a bit difficult during the summer, because that’s when most students go home.

Boston residents have been fighting for a long time to make weed legal. In fact, they’ve been organizing the Freedom Rally since 1989. The Freedom Rally is the second-largest gathering in the US that demands reforms on weed laws.
Keep in mind that prices differ depending on where we buy the weed. For example, dispensaries have higher prices compared to those we’ll find on Harvard Square. Of course, prices also vary based on which strain we want to get. The starting price on Harvard Square for 3–4 grams of hybrids is around $40.

We are also legally allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants in our home, as long as they’re not visible from a public place. Keep in mind that it is still illegal to smoke and drive, and we could get a fine for it.
When we go to a dispensary, we can get so much more than just weed. Many of the shops we’ve mentioned also sell CBD oils, tinctures, pomades, and edibles. What’s more, some of them even sell souvenirs and home decor. We recommend making a little weed tour to experience all that Boston’s cannabis culture has to offer.
Now, we get it — not everyone can or wants to go to a dispensary. So, we scoured the web and found out that the best place to go to instead of a dispensary is Harvard Square. Since it’s so close to the Harvard college campus, there are plenty of students that can help connect us to a reliable dealer.
Since weed was legalized in 2016, Boston has really stepped up their game when it comes to their weed selection. Nowadays, dispensaries have pretty much any strain or hybrid we’ve heard of.
Buying weed on Harvard Square brings us to our next favorite location — Berklee College of Music. In general, college campuses are a great place to find some weed.

Either way, finding weed in Boston is pretty simple and all we need is a valid ID to get it. For anyone visiting Boston for the first time, here’s a complete guide on all the dispensaries in town. We also recommend checking out this weed map to see which shop is closest.

Where to Buy Weed in Boston, Massachusetts Massachusetts, or the Bay State, has some of the most progressive marijuana laws in the US. Since they passed a bill in 2016 legalizing