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buy tea seeds

Buy tea seeds

There is a higher value in pure teas. This is important here in Scotland for us as the process of plucking and making tea is 50% at least of your labour cost. In Assam and Sri Lanka, underpaid workers living in poor conditions are a huge issue for the tea gardens as the price they get for their teas at auction are too low, and as a result the industry is in crisis. Machinery rolled tea is not going to be what gets the tea gardens throughout South Asia out of this mess. It is small tea gardens on a micro scale, trained to produce beautiful speciality teas with simple equipment. There will always be a market for big tea gardens and huge factories producing commodity tea, but as some far sighted processors are discovering it would serve them well to run a sideline in artisanal tea making. It is the small scale practices, putting aside volume for quality, that will increase the value of tea. This value in Scotland allows us to pay the wages to pluck, process and package our teas.

No, because tea is made from leaves plucked from the bush that have then been subjected to heat in the process of making the tea to go in the bag.
The minimum order for delivery – 1 pallet = 140 tea plants.

The minimum order for self collect in Angus – 24 tea plants (supplied in a plywood box).
Anyone can grow tea either from cuttings from another tea bush or from seed.
Tea is a Himalayan plant by virtue of the fact that the original stock sinensis came from China and was planted up in the Himalayas in the 1840’s where it responded well to the soils and climate. In the foot hills of the Himalayas along the course of the Brahmaputra is the indigenous plant known as assamica (mostly drunk as a ‘Breakfast tea’). Many tea plants around the world are a hybrid of the two – the sinensis for the smaller leaved robustness against the cold and the assamica for the larger leaf higher yield. We are working with two teas – one from the highlands of N E Nepal in Ilam District which is sinensis and the other from Georgia (ex-soviet) which is a Kolkida variatel bred specially for the snows of Georgia and hybridized with assamica. Armed with our cold tolerant variatels of tea seed we feel confident growing tea in Scotland. This year too we have had terrific germination from the polyclonal seed from Guranse Tea Estate in Nepal which is one of the highest gardens in the Himalayan region (7000ft) – We are selling seedlings now and taking orders ahead for fully hardened off plants for planting outside in 2021.
Warm, damp, jungle conditions. Cultivation techniques enable it to also be grown in plantations in more arid, or colder climates.
If interested in a quote and pre-booking plants then please Contact us and your enquiry will be directed to Susie Walker-Munro.

Only as a compost after drinking, otherwise don’t waste it on the plants – there are plenty of more suitable organic manures that can be made to help plants.

UK grown tea plants for sale – Camellia sinensis – Buy online, tea bushes delivered in UK. Grown by tea planter in UK for growers, nurseries and commercial plant sellers. Buy seedling tea grown in Scotland now and prepare for planting in 2021