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buy plants chicago

Some stores seem designed to make you feel inadequate, and Sprout is definitely on this list. If your dwelling was half as gorgeous as the inside of this store, you’d have a show on HGTV. Until then, you’ll just have to show their giant selection of houseplants, terrariums, succulents and garden supplies. Sprout Home, as the name implies, is definitely more focused on the indoor gardener, but if the season is right, you can find a good selection of landscaping supplies as well. Also, if you’re looking to learn, sign up for one of their terrarium classes!

Especially if you’re a city-dweller without a ton of space, Brew & Grow is a great place to get started on your garden adventure. Don’t be thrown off by the “Brew” part of the name; this is a store that’s just as much for plant lovers as beer lovers. They’ve definitely got a huge selection of complicated, wonderful hydroponics systems, but if (like us) you find that a tad intimidating, they’re also great at helping you start your container garden.
Gethsemane Garden Center is located at 5739 N. Clark St. —By Anthony Todd

Brew & Grow is located at 3625 N. Kenzie Ave. —By Anthony Todd
You can’t miss this awesome garden store if you’re anywhere close to Old Town, as green things will be perpetually spilling out onto the adjacent street. We go to Old Town Gardens for their awesome greenhouse, which helps us get our fill of fresh plants even when it’s not the middle of summer. They’re also the place to go for Christmas trees, pumpkins and all of that seasonal garden center goodness. It’s a bit less twee than other stores on the list, and definitely more affordable, so if you’re not going to trek out to the ‘burbs, this might be your best choice.
This is, hands down, our favorite garden store in the city. Yes, it’s a tiny bit pricy, but they literally have something for everyone. From gigantic stone fountains and full sized trees to tiny vegetable seedlings, Gethsemane is a wonderland for anyone who loves plants. They’ve got a full gift shop with home and garden supplies, and a beautiful indoor greenhouse filled with house plants. Best of all, their staff actually knows what they’re talking about and will work hard to cure your brown thumb.
Chicago Roots Hydroponics is located at 4020 W. Irving Park Rd.
Old Town Gardens is located at 1555 N. Wells St. —By Anthony Todd

Fertile Ltd. is located at 1646-50 W. Diversey Pkwy.

The 9 Best Gardening Shops In Chicago By Gwendolyn Purdom in Food on Jul 21, 2016 4:00PM Tucked between the towering steel and glass of Chicago’s urban jungle, there’s plenty of real greenery

Buy plants chicago

Snake Plant with 1 ½ ft tall with stand, $139. Léon & George

Besides brick-and-mortar options like hardware store garden centers and local plant nurseries and shops, you can also find plenty of greenery to order online and receive at your door. In fact, even big boxes like Lowe’s and Home Depot offer an online selection of indoor plants available for delivery.
Houseplants are an easy way to liven up a space while possibly purifying the air too. And if you’re looking to get some for your own space or as a gift for a loved one, you’ve got lots of options.

Owned by the same company as ProFlowers, ProPlants is an 1-800-Flowers type of site that lets you browse by occasion and recipient. So this is a good place to browse plant gift ideas. The site also has a “Breathe Happier” collection that curates plants particular good at cleaning the air, such as snake plants and a variety of pothos.
Ficus Tineke Plant in a basket pot, $74. Terrain
“Cosmo” the Dwarf Umbrella Tree, $85.
For those who love—love—cacti, look to this LA-based purveyor of rare desert plants. Hot Cactus descended on New York City a few years ago with a pop-up greenhouse filled with 1,000 cacti, and then opened an online store thereafter. Check back with the shop for newly added specimens.
While Garden Goods Direct offers everything from flowers to trees and shrubs, it does have a robust houseplant section where you can get aloe vera, anthurium, jade pothos, and more. The website comes with detailed plant and care info. Do watch out for shipping restrictions by state.

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Your best bets for houseplants that can be shipped directly to your door.