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buy peyote

Buy peyote

Peyote (Lophophora williamsii), also known as El Mescalito, was almost doomed to fall into oblivion when Spanish conquistadores demonized it in the 16th century, but luckily this sacred cactus survived its ban and now you can order your own specimen. Natives of Northern Mexico and Southwestern USA used it for millennia in their rituals, so you can rest assured that its responsible use is.

The “monstrose” version of the Bolivian Torch (Echinopsis lageniformis) is a special cactus, also called the “Penis Plant”. “Monstrose” signifies that this is a mutated form of the original cactus, in this instance the Bolivian Torch. A mutant cactus grows into an abnormal shape and therefore can take on a divergent form compared to cacti of the same species.
Potent psychedelic compounds occur all throughout nature, from psilocybin-containing mushrooms to DMT-producing toads. We don’t know why they are there. Some claim that these mind-altering substances help to deter would-be predators. Others state that they were put there by a higher power to enable us to experience the divine. Mescaline is one such substance. The psychedelic alkaloid occurs in several species of cactus, and it’s been used for thousands of years to induce altered states of consciousness. Join us as we explore the history of these life forms, their effects, and how to grow and consume them.

We offer a compelling selection of mescaline cacti that are suitable for cultivation at home. The cuttings can simply be placed in soil and the cactus will shoot roots and grow like nothing ever happened.
Tripping on mescaline is a subjective psychedelic experience that will be slightly different between individuals. Common reports include seeing spirals, patterns, architecture, and animals. Synaesthesia (seeing sounds and hearing colours) and feelings of euphoria and interconnectedness are also common experiences.
Mescaline is relatively weak compared to other psychedelics. It’s 4,000 times less potent than LSD, and 30 times less potent than psilocybin. Regardless, a high enough dose can still induce a profound altered state of consciousness. A full dose of 200–400mg is swiftly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, and effects begin to take hold around 30 minutes after ingestion. The peak of the experience occurs around two hours later, and effects can last up to eight hours.
Several different cactus species produce the mescaline molecule. Some of them are tiny and take an extremely long time to grow, others are towering giants that ascend with haste.
Mescaline penetrated mainstream Western culture during the 1950s. Author and philosopher Aldous Huxley helped to drive mescaline into the collective psyche through his penning of Doors of Perception—a book detailing his experiences with the psychedelic. Entheogen enthusiast and psychiatrist Humphry Osmond and famed psychedelic chemist Alexander Shulgin helped the molecule gain further traction.

Echinopsis macrogona (AKA Trichocereus macrogonus) is a sacred cactus that has a long history of being used in shamanic rituals in Middle and South America. Like the Peruvian torch cactus, Echinopsis macrogona contains mescaline which gives it powerful psychedelic and hallucinogenic properties. With the Echinopsis macrogona seeds available at Zamnesia you can now grow this sacred cactus at.

Mescaline cacti are psychoactive, inducing intense visual effects. Buy peyote, San Pedro, and Peruvian torch mescaline cacti online at Zamnesia.