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buy green diamond

Buy green diamond
2. Green Body Color – these diamonds are absorbed in green throughout their body, and their hue is deeper and more intense due to direct exposure to beta and gamma radiation. They are considered very rare and desirable, especially among collectors.
To cope with this challenge, the leading gemology institutes, especially the GIA, developed thorough, in-depth, and uncompromising lab tests that manage to rule decisively whether the diamond’s green color was created in a natural or artificial process.
1. Green Skin Tone – these diamonds feature the color green on the outer surface only and constitute the majority of green diamonds that were directly exposed to alpha radiation and took on a light tone at a relatively low intensity.
I1 & I2 – Included
* These percentages are for illustration purposes only and do not represent actual statistics.
Tone – represents the degree of light or darkness in the diamond, a feature that directly impacts the stone’s appearance. Tone does not appear in the GIA certificate as a separate parameter, but is rather part of the color definition. For those seeking to purchase a green diamond with a strong green hue and save money at the same time, it is recommended to purchase a diamond with a darker tone.
The green color in natural green diamonds originates from radiation the diamond crystal is exposed to during and after its formation. This formation process, be it of a colorless or fancy colored diamond, takes place under conditions of high pressure at a depth of 150-200 kilometers below the ground, at temperatures ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 degrees centigrade over millions of years.
Hue – represents the diamond’s dominant color. Although there might be secondary shades present as well, the hue signifies the main color according to which the diamond is categorized, in this case – Green.
Pictures green diamonds color combinations: Left to Right
Green diamonds are among the most wondrous works of nature, How do they form? How much do they cost? How to identify fake or treated ones? All the answers right here>>