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bushy cannabis plants

Bushy cannabis plants

A quick answer here would be that you need to move the grow lights closer to the plants so they don’t stretch as much. You can also add lighting along the sides and floor of your grow room. Increasing the amount of reflective materials on the walls and the floor of the grow room will help too.

One thing to keep in mind here is that cannabis Indica strains usually do not grow quite as tall as cannabis Sativa strains, sometime up to 1 foot shorter or more, and they are also bushier (more on the different strains here).
Here you are physically manipulating the plant to become wider and bushier. This can be a bit tricky, as pot plants are a bit fragile, so you don’t want to bend them too much at once, or tie them too tight either.

Here we have a few different cannabis strains you can try growing, weed strains which tend to be fairly bushy and shorter than others.
You can put some lights around the rim of the bucket you are growing the cannabis plant in. You can also get some floor mounted grow lights too. Moreover, a few strings of grow lights placed around the plants at various heights will help a lot with this too.
Chances are that the room or closet you are using to grow your marijuana is not infinitely tall. If you are working with a small space, anywhere under 6 or 7 feet really, you might run into problems, especially when you are growing certain strains.
Let’s talk about 5 different methods to make your weed plant grow wide and bushy instead of tall.
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Depending on your lighting and how healthy the cannabis plant is, it could easily grow to 7 or 8 feet in height, and you do also need to consider the grow lights hanging from the ceiling, and the clearance needed between the lights and the ceiling, and the clearance needed between the pot plants and the lights.

Our 5 awesome tips on how to make your cannabis plants more bushy, and the 3 main reasons why you might want to grow a bushy vs taller plant.

Bushy cannabis plants

It doesn’t matter what type of grow light you use. Each type of grow light has a sweet spot, and whenever grow lights are positioned above the plants, there are likely benefits to training your cannabis plants to grow short and wide. By having more of your plant at the best distance from your grow light, your cannabis leaves and buds will be exposed to more light and give your plant more energy to grow.

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Notice how the plants that get the most direct sunlight grow the biggest

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Generally, the top of the grow light sweet spot is where the biggest buds form. Cannabis plants love a lot of light, much more than your average house plant. As long as you stay away from the “too bright” zone for your particular indoor grow light (which can cause light burn, even if air is cool), you want to get as many colas in the top of the sweet spot as possible.
Colas in the Top of the Sweet Spot Grow Biggest, So Maximize Yields by Training Cannabis Plants To Grow Many Colas On the Same Level!
General Low Stress Training (LST) – LST is the process of bending stems and securing them in place. The general idea is to bend tall stems down and away from the middle of the plant as it grows so the plant takes on a more flat and wide shape. This should be started when the plant is still a seedling since its young stems will be flexible, while the stems of older plants become rigid and woody. Some growers use the term “LST” as an umbrella term to cover all types of plant training, while others use it to refer only to bending.
The main stem was bent over 90° when the plant was very young, so all the lower branches were able to grow up and become main colas. Bending the main stem was the only training done to this plant, no fancy techniques!

Why settle with just one big cola when you could have many big colas?

Get a summary of all the most common plant training techniques that growers use to increase their cannabis yields indoors!