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building a grow box for weed

Building a grow box for weed

When all was said and done I harvested 264 grams (9.3 ounces).

Important: The opening for your intake hole should be about twice the size of your exhaust hole.
Also, I installed a “Kill-a-Watt” device to monitor my electrical usage so I can easily calculate the total extra cost to my electricity bill each month.

Next to the fan room is space for other more technical things. Here we find the ballast and command switching station.
Next, I faced the issue of providing my plants their light.
The first thing to deal with was the Intake and exhaust – a clean environment and fresh air for my plants.
I chose a High Pressure Sodium bulb. Since these produce more light from the side(the long side as opposed to the plug and tip of the bulb), light coverage could be maximized by positioning them front to back. Some creativity was required to install the Cool Tube to keep my HPS bulb from becoming too hot.
After the initial investment, $1.64 was my total cost per gram when I factored electricity, carbon filter, and nutrients.

Use the following items to make a stealthy grow cabinet just like his:

See how one grower built his own stealthy grow cabinet (in pictures), then learn how to build your own!

Building a grow box for weed

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Important: When you install and place the required electronics on your grow box, do not just attach it to the wooden outside of the box. Installing the electronics has to be done with precision and care in order to minimize the risk of fire.
Plants live and grow by consuming sugar. Plants produce sugar through converting CO2 into oxygen and sugars. Therefore, make sure to create some openings for fresh air circulation.

  1. Build a wooden box yourself
  2. Buy a “grow tent”

Weather conditions have a significant effect on your cannabis production in case you plan to keep your grow box outside.
For the first stage, mentioned above, you will need 400-Watt HPS lamps. For the second stage, you will need 600-Watt HPS. Due to sodium in HPS lamps, lifespan is limited. Only when you can afford LED lamps, go for it. LED lamps have a significantly longer timespan. However, if this is your first grow experience, forget about LED and get yourself a HPS lamp.
The fundamental goal is to optimize the photosynthesis of your plants. By creating a perfect environment for your plants to grow, you can positively influence this process. In other words: better photosynthesis is better quality. We call this optimizing the yield. The better you do this, the better your joint will be!
At this point you have two lighting options:

Growing your very own ‘ganja’ is quite simple and the success rate is fairly high, even when you’re just starting out.

grow – So you’ve always wanted to grow your own cannabis instead of buying it? Then you’ve come to the right place. Growing your very own ‘ganja’ is quite simple