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buhda seeds

Buddha Seeds is a Spanish company that offers 6 different great strains and one mix pack, which guarantees you pure quality cannabis for a fair price. They are best known for their delicious strains such as ‘Syrup’ and ‘Pulsar’ and are working on some new high quality autoflowering varieties.

Another great autoflowering cannabis strain from Buddha Seeds: Red Dwarf. Red Dwarf produces smelly, strong and solid marijuana in only 2 months. From seed to harvest!
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Syrup from Buddha Seeds is an autoflowering cannabis seed that produces sweet buds in only 60 days. From seed to harvest!
With their latest CBD-rich cannabis strain Medikit, Buddha Seeds meets the needs of even the most demanding medicinal users. Despite some plants containing as much as 20% of therapeutic CBD, the strain maintains a full flavour profile of amazingly sweet and fruity aromas. Buddha Medikit also shines with staggering yields of resin-covered rewards come harvest.
Get 4 autoflowering seeds from Buddha Seeds + 6 extra ‘mystery’ cannabis seeds in 1 package!
Magnum is a highly productive autoflowering strain by Buddha Seeds. Some autoflowering strains might lack in production potential and effectiveness, but not this one. It can be seen as an upgrade from a small caliber pistol to a .357 Magnum, like the Desert Eagle of Spanish autoflowering varieties. Multiple branches, rapid growth and flowering, together with deeply penetrating potency!
The Buddha Purple Kush Auto by Buddha Seeds is an autoflowering 100% Purple variety with a short flowering period and buds that’ll make your eyes pop out. The buds are deep purple in color, dabbed with lime green and orange pistils and exude a unique and intense aroma. The high is very relaxing, almost narcotic, but does not foreclose you from functioning. The highlight of every garden!

White Dwarf from Buddha Seeds is the result of crossing 2 strong cannabis indica’s and a hint of ruderalis to make White Dwarf an autoflowering marijuana variety.

Buddha Seeds is a seed company from Spain that offers different feminized strains. Buddha Seeds guarantees pure quality cannabis for a fair price like ‘Syrup' or 'Pulsar'.

Buhda seeds

Buddha Seeds present their Assorted Auto Mix , a variety pack of autoflowering and 100% feminized strains and the best option to try a range of different varieties from the Buddha Seeds catalogue at a very affordable price. Buddha Seeds is a seedba [. ]

Now you have available in Alchimia the regular version of the Deimos cannabis strain from Buddha Seeds, a mostly Indica autoflowering variety that grows quite tall and well branched and is ready to harvest after 70 days from seed germination. It com [. ]
Doubtless, Buddha Seeds stand out for the quality and reliability of their genetics, a fact that explains why they have become one of the most reputed producers of automatic cannabis strains.

Deimos from Buddha Seeds, is an auto-flowering hybrid of East Indian descent (Northern Lights). It’s a Marijuana plant that reaches a height from 70 to 80cms. It grows much branched, offering long lateral branches which produce buds almost the same [. ]
This is how they have managed to make their own space at the top of the automatic seed bank ranking, earned thanks to the superior traits found and fixed in their automatic plants. Thus, they’re creators of Autos like Deimos and Magnum, which have become two references in the world of autoflowering cannabis.
AUTOFLOWERING: Growth and Flowering in 2 MONTHS! WHITE DWARF blooms in 2 months after germination, regardless of the photoperiod making it ideal for fast flowering crops. From the crossing of two powerful Indicas, with unique characteristics, comes [. ]
From the autoflowering parental line that led to White Dwarf, crossed with an exceptional Skunk-type female and backcrossed to keep the autoflowering trait. Red Dwarf is born; a compact, feminized, autoflowering plant, very resinous and with an inte [. ]
Buddha Seeds was created with the aim to thoroughly understand and explore the world of auto-flowering cannabis plants to have a better understanding of the best way to hybridize strains, always looking for excellence.

Alchimia includes in its catalog the autoflowering marijuana strain Magnum from Buddha Seeds, a XXL sutoflowering variety that grows very vigorously and branched, developing lots of buds with an euhoric and stimulant effect. It comes from a hybrid b [. ]

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