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bud rot cannabis

Bud rot cannabis

Bud rot shows up in different phases as it takes over a plant. It’s very important to recognize the first phase, at this level you are still able to save most of the bud. However like I said, it spreads pretty quickly so the next phase will show it signs soon!

In the beginning, it’s sometimes very hard to recognize a bud rot infection. It’s starts from the inside of the bud so without a good inspection, it’s not visible. Our first tip is to keep a very close look on your plants, daily! If you missed the first signs, it will
Bud rot is a type of mold that only shows up in the flowering phase of a plant. It starts to grow in the inside of a bud, slowly taking it over untill it’s visible on the outside (At this time, infected buds will be ruined). Bud rot is very contagious and will spread very quickly, so it’s important to treat this pest quick and effective.

If you let it get this far, there is only one thing to do: Accept your loss and try another grow after you changed the environmentel circumstances of your grow area. Smoking infected buds is very bad and could cause health issues. Also make sure to clean your growroom very good before starting a new grow (Spores of the fungus will still be around).
Even if the bud rot starts inside, there are 2 signs you could recognize pretty easy once your plant is infected:
Do you have any tips to recognize or treat but rot yourself? Make sure to leave them in the comments below!
The key to treating/avoiding a bud-rot infection is recognizing it on time.
Fungus/mold only survives in specific environments. So to treat them, you simply need to change the circumstances of the growroom/area. Bud rot needs 3 things to survive and spread:

Once you spotted one of these signs, it’s time to take action! At this time you can save most of the buds by changing the environment, and carefully cut away the infected spots.

What does bud rot look like? 3 phases explained When growing cannabis, there are multiple pests that could cross your path and try to ruin your plants. A very common type of pest are the

Bud rot cannabis

When plants are afflicted by cannabis bud rot, it starts as fluffy white growth in the middle or sides of buds, but the white mold quickly darkens into gray or brown and burrows deep into dense buds as the fungus takes hold. Sometimes you’ll see the initial stage on the sides of buds, giving you a possible chance to catch the infection early.

Here’s an example of advanced bud rot on an outdoor cannabis plant
In cannabis plants, Botrytis causes buds to rot out from the inside, hence the name “bud rot.” If you crack open an infected bud, the inside will be a moldy dark gray or brown.

Keep an extremely close eye on your longest, fattest and most dense colas. Almost like a cruel joke, bud rot usually attacks your biggest colas 🙁
The biggest thing you want to focus on is getting the humidity under 50% (most important!) and giving plants plenty of air movement.
The Botrytis fungus looks white and fluffy in its initial stage, but you’ll probably never even see this stage before the mold quickly darkens and starts rotting the buds from the inside out

“When I had to throw away most of my plant due to bud rot, I cried a little, on the inside.”
In the flowering stage, never use fungicides, spray affected buds with Neem oil, or burn sulfur.

These common tactics are not effective at stopping bud rot and will make your buds taste, smell and look terrible.

Bud rot is a mold that develops in the thickest parts of cannabis buds. Read for more information on how to prevent and solve bud rot before spreading!